Still trying to get those trophies?

I already pointed out how to beat Time Trial at the vook.

If you’re still trying to beat the game with every character but finding it difficult, this is the easiest way:


Just sit there.? On easy setting, I have yet to see the computer throw.? Normally the CPU will stand and just throw random moves,? Terry (and Kyo) being an excellent example of how this is actually quite effective.? To counter this, just throw fireballs at the idiot mixed with your favourite attacking special (eg: Burn Knuckle, Zeineken etc).? Now if you don’t have fireballs, such as Mature and Elisabeth, here’s what you do:

Sit down, and do nothing.? When they jump (at the correct distance), counter with crouching C, CD, special (if you have one) or DM.? If they break roll, leave them alone (or if you have good timing, go for a combo), if they don’t, you have ample time to?perform a jumping combo.? If your timing is a? worry, just sit down and repeat.? They will occasionally roll into you, which is when you should let them eat your?combo.

Note that the last two gallery stage images are unlocked AFTER you unlock all the character portraits.? One is a manga doodle of Ash, the other is the?same old?XII artwork of Terry and Ryo.

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