Top tier Sushi: Matsuri

bluefin-sushi-otoro-bIt’s all about the Tuna. Red. Fatty. Maguro. Nigiri. Roll = fail. Sashimi = gluttonous.?? I love sushi.? But I love Tuna Nigiri more.? Read on if you want to know where to eat good sushi in London.

We visited Matsuri on High Holborn.? Noticing that the teppanyaki was something like ?70 with a choice of only 3 courses, we decided to stick to sushi.? Oh what a lovely mistake.

Looking over the menu, I discovered?Chu-toro (‘rich’ tuna) and O-toro (marbled tuna).? Let’s put it this way.? Chu-toro is a bit more fatty than your usual tuna.? It’s not so red.? It’s?a lot nicer, actually.? O-toro on the other hand is completely fatty.? It’s whitish with fat.? It melted in my mouth.? It blended with the perfectly vinegared sticky rice.? I actually became lost in thought while eating this.? It was that good.? I had to order the standard tuna just to compare.? It was good but… from now on, when eating standard tuna, I can imagine I’ll be?dreaming of o-toro.

Mind you, looking at the bill, I will be?restraining myself, only to?let myself loose on these heavenly morcels on those extra special occasions.? Matsuri charge by the piece, that’s right, not by the pair.? The charge is about double and then it jumps up for the special stuff … like o-toro – around ?7 for one piece. of. tuna. on. rice.? 6 pieces of sushi and two bottles of beer came to ?40.? She had squid and mackerel.? She said it was delicious.? I had to agree it was most probably the best sushi I had in London, mind you I would say that, I hadn’t eaten o-toro before and you can’t get it in your standard restaurant.??Still,?considering the freshness of the standard tuna… yes, it’s at least recommended, even at the price.? Matsuri is quite a swanky place to take a date in fact, with subdued dining areas, don’t forget you get a personal chef for the teppanyaki and the sushi bar was full of stereotypical Japanese businessmen enjoying some crazy looking sushi that I might try next time.? And, they had a gaijin sushi chef apprentice, which?is cute to see.

Still hungry, we ran off to the crappy sushi take-away down the road to eat some more.? I nearly burst out laughing when I saw the tuna there, it looked like plastic red biro recycled on top of an eraser.? And it pretty much tasted as bad.? Well, the tuna wasn’t disgusting, just… not as fresh and flavoursome.? Obviously -?they cost 90p per piece.

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