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Games: KOF Saga except 2003 and XII, Dance Dance Revolution

Favorite Character: Athena always, pyscho power forever

Country: Chile

Likes: Travel, Sing!! I love Karaoke bars, I like to cook and of course, enjoy a good matchs of KOF.

Dislikes: People who avoid bad matchups and have fear of losing, because they will never improve with that attitude.

Favourite Match: Tokido vs MadKof IGT 2014 KOF XIII / Korea vs Japan 10-on-10 (Last Match)

Future goals: Have enough patience to wait for a new decent KOF sequel.

Would like you to know: I´m more than a pretty face and a good KOF player. Hahahaha

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Track Record

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[timeline_item  status=”end” date=”13 Sep 2015″ title=”Double KO Summer Event (France)”]1st [/timeline_item]

[timeline_item  date=”2015″ title=”Stunfest  (France)”]3rd [/timeline_item]

[timeline_item  date=”2015″ title=”KOF Summer Battle  (Morocco)”]1st [/timeline_item]

[timeline_item  date=”2015″ title=”Lonestar admoniton II  (USA)”]1st[/timeline_item]

[timeline_item   date=”2015″ title=”IGT (Korea)”]1st [/timeline_item]

[timeline_item status=”start” date=”2014″ title=”Overall”]1° place at : Treta Aftermath, Brazil (My first international victory at XIII)VGM TEC  (Chile), Top 8 Evo (USA)[/timeline_item]


Featured Matches

Misterio vs Tokido FT10

[youtube id=”SflVeSPxXT4″ width=”100%” height=”400″]


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