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Our favourite Russian is actually a hardcore Mortal Kombat player but plays other 2D games! He really wants fellow Russians to practice and participate in events to boost the scene for everyone! Let’s cheer him on to reach his goals! DAAAAA!


Games: UNIEL, GGXrd, MKX, USF4, Hokuto No Ken, Fate Unlimited Codes

Favourite Characters: Quan Chi, Orochi Yashiro, RAIDEN, Oswald, Anji

Country: Russia

Likes: 2d games, long pokes, fast gameplay, asian food, cigaretes, local scene <3<3<3<3, cats

Dislikes: 3d games, slow games, cheap characters, drunk people, dogs

Favourite matches: Old Daigo Guilty Gear matches

Future goals: Win an US/JP major

Track Record:

  • MFA 2009 BlazBlue CT -1st
  • MFA 2010 BlazBlue CS -1st
  • MFA 2011 BlazBlue CSII -2nd
  • MFA 2011 Super Street Fighter AE -1st
  • MFA 2011 Marvel vs Capcom 3 -3rd
  • Rautanyrkki revived (Finland 2011) – Marvel vs Capcom 3 – 3rd
  • Rautanyrkki revived (Finland 2011) – BlazBlue CSII – 2nd
  • World Game Cup 2011 (France, Cannes) – BlazBlue CS 2×2 – 3rd
  • MFA 2012 Street Fighter X Tekken -3rd
  • MFA 2013 BlazBlue CSEX -2nd
  • MFA 2014 Under Night In-Birth – 1st
  • MFA 2015 GGXRD – 2nd

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Hype train is real! ?? #MFA2015 #GuiltyGearXrd #Playstation

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