NOW Elive pro Frionel interview

6pm GMT +1. ……… Serious business. Come join in and fire shots.  NOWWWWWWW The orochinagi show 34

ON Show 26

The Orochinagi Show 26 – Poongko, The Answer, SCR Top 4, Hypespotting and more –  watch it here.

The ON Show 24/25

Did you miss us?  Catch Show 24 here: 4bar play and Maxmode’s tier discussion lol. Show 25 will be running Saturday 23:59 GMT, where we’ll have Oogosho playing KOF XIII, analysis, commentary and random fun videos + Dune’s + Frionel’s tier lists discussion. OMG TERRY RUOK? And the Answer’s newly…

ON Show 24 – The Road to Evo starts NOW

Trying to keep it short, we look at some KOF XIII netcode matches at 4 bars – is it as golden as they say? There’s some of the usual nonsense plus some tier discussion, including charts from MaxMode and Bala. And of course, a little chat about what’s happening in…