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See what the best of Qatar has to offer! NOW! Currently KOF is going through losers brackets, then GGXRD will come on, then KOF top 4, and SMASH somewhere. LET’S GO ALBANNA!! KOF Brackets GGXRD [blog_scroll_list style=”5″ number=”8″ columns=”3″ type=”recent” space=”yes” position=”side” orderby=”” cat__in=”” tag__in=”” post__in=”” post__not_in=”” effect=”none” nocrop=”off”]

Cannes Winter Clash / Gamecon 2014 #CWC #GC2014

  The successor to WGC, IVGC has been announced. And what a shocker!!!! USF4 KOF13 GGXRD on PS4 NO MARVEL NO THIRD STRIKE NO SUPER TURBO TWO SMASH TOURNAMENTS Is this the future of the FGC? Ha, to be honest I actually thought Fifa might take over, so this is fine!…