The successor to WGC, IVGC has been announced. And what a shocker!!!!

  • USF4
  • KOF13
  • GGXRD on PS4





Is this the future of the FGC?

Ha, to be honest I actually thought Fifa might take over, so this is fine!

I’m trying to imagine all those CRTs going to Cannes though….

And woah gonna need a PS4 stick!!!

Here’s the official announcement in French then English:

Nous sommes fiers de vous annoncer la première édition du Cannes Winter Clash (CWC) qui se déroulera à Cannes du 27 février au 1er mars.

L’évènement prendra place au très célèbre Palais des festivals et congrès de Cannes durant le festival international des jeux. (1 boulevard de la croisette, 06400 cannes)

Nous serons accompagnés par l’association « LeFrenchMelee » pour la gestion des tournois Smash Bros et bien d’autres.

Les tournois disponibles seront les suivants :

Ultra Street Fighter 4 (Solo et 2vs2): 256 participants maximum (Xbox 360)

Super Smash Bros 4 (solo): 256 participants maximum) (Wii U)

Super Smash Bros Melee (Solo): 128 participants maximum (GameCube)

King Of Fighters13 (Solo): 64 participants maximum (Xbox 360)

Guilty Gear Xrd (Solo): 64 participants maximum (Ps4)

En plus de cela, nous organiserons un ITC (International Team CUP) pour USF4, KOF etc…

Nous vous proposerons des « Salty Rooms » pour la plupart des jeux, des défis, des invités et de nombreuses surprises.

Le roster des jeux n’est pas définitif. 

Restez connectés !

Par ailleurs, nous vous conseillons de réserver vos billets afin de bénéficier des tarifs les plus bas de la SNCF.”

We are proud to announce that the first iteration of Cannes Winter Clash will take place in Cannes from February 27th to March 1, 2015!

The event will go down in the famous Palais Des Festivals in Cannes, during the “Festival International des Jeux” (International games festival – a good way to have fun side activities at the venue!).
We will be helped by the association “LeFrenchMelee”, which will take care of Super Smash Bros tournaments.
The games that have been confirmed being held as main tournaments are as described below.
Note: this is a tentative list and is likely to be incremented over the next few months. Stay tuned to see what will be added!
Ultra Street Fighter IV – 256 players bracket
Super Smash Bros Wii U –256 players
Super Smash Bros Melee –128 players
King Of Fighters XIII –64 players
Guilty Gear Xrd –64 players
Team tournaments:
Ultra Street Fighter IV – 2v2
We will also have an International Team Cup tournament for USFIV and KOFXIII, in 5v5 format!
Side events will include salty suites, exhibitions, international guests and many more to come!
Stay tuned for more details!
Travel tips: You can from now on book either a plane to Nice (32 km/20 miles – 30 minutes by train from the airport) or a train directly to Cannes (10 minutes away from the venue)


More info as it happens, but the real question is:


Which games do YOU want to see there? I know there are other organisations that can run side tournaments, if there is demand!

What, no Blazblue/ Uniel/ Persona/ DOA!!?!?!?!

English site ]


Gamecon 2014 feat Bala and Chris G


I know the banner is in Spanish, but we will like to invite you all to the Gamecon Costa Rica 2014, a charity event for the poor children in CR, this coming Dec 13-14th in San Jose Costa Rica, we will be having Christopher G and MX Bala in the event. We can help all the interested people with the accommodations. Further details on request.
Es un honor para nosotros ser parte una vez más del Gamecon 2014, la convención nacional de Videojuegos más grande de Costa Rica, en la que se une a todos los mejores cosplayers, los fans del anime y todos aquellos amantes de los videojuegos, PS, Xbox, Nintendo, PC, Arcade; todos unidos para una gran causa: llevarle un juguete y una pequeña ayuda a los niños de escasos recursos, y así poder lograr una sonrisa en esta navidad.
Y para dar nuestro granito de arena en esta GRAN causa, nos complace mucho anunciar que tendremos a dos de los más grandes jugadores: MX Bala y Chris G. Grandes campeones y ProPlayers reconocidos mundialmente por su nivel excepcional. De ahí que nos unimos a Tvirus, Cms Producciones y Critical Hit, ya que nuestra misión no es echarnos las flores sino hacer un evento de categoría mundial. Nos falta mucho aún, seguimos buscando ayuda y patrocinios. Y más que todo necesitamos la ayuda de todos los gamers para poder hacer de este un evento espectacular.
Así que muchachos A PRACTICAR FUERTE ellos van a competir y hacer FT’s en:

  • Ultra SF4
  • MK9
  • UMvC3

Y cualquier otro juego con bastante asistencia.
Gracias, (disculpas por el post tan largo, TCCR?Joe)

Don’t forget I’m streaming all this week apart from Friday for an hour! Come join in 21:00 GMT+2 on youtube and hitbox!

metal slug x


 Now Available on STEAM (PC)

Action-Shooting Masterpiece “METAL SLUG X” released today on STEAM !

SNK PLAYMORE CORPORATION (Corporate HQ: Suita-city, Osaka, Japan, Company President: Koichi Toyama)  is proud to announce the worldwide release of “METAL SLUG X” on the Steam PC gaming platform.

“METAL SLUG X”, a masterpiece in SNK’s emblematic 2D run & gun action shooting game series, still continues to fascinate millions of fans worldwide to this day for its intricate dot-pixel graphics, and simple and intuitive game controls. One of the most highly praised titles in the series among Metal Slug fans for its refined balance and game volume, heads out to the Steam gaming platform with a number of extra features!

?Game Features?

?Arcade Mode (Main Mission)

Play the original arcade version of “METAL SLUG X” from Missions 1 to 6, and fight your way through the battlefield to foil General Morden’s new coup attempt!!

?Mission Mode (Stage Select)

Play your favorite stages at will and train alone or with a brother-in-arms on the missions you have unlocked so far!

?Online Multiplayer Mode

Connect to Steam and clear missions with friends far away via Online Co-Op Play. Find a fellow countryman or foreign ally and let the mission begin!

?Game Settings

Configure control, language, video display, and sound volume settings.


Check your current rank and score in “METAL SLUG X” at any time, and compete with other players to become the world’s No. 1 soldier!

More info here http://store.steampowered.com/app/312610/


?Title Details?


?Release Date ? October 2nd, 2014

?Genre ? Action-Shooting

?Platform  ? PC    * Please check the store page for recommended PC configurations.


?Price ? $7.99 USD


  *Steam name and logo are registered trademarks of Valve Corporation.

SNK PLAYMORE Official Website http://www.snkplaymore.co.jp/us/ 

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