KOFXV OBT Hopes and Fears: a lot of fears & not a lot of hope

?KOF XV?Play as all 54 characters in the game!Enjoy the Cross-Platform OBT even without owning the game! ?Test PeriodThu, Apr 27th (8 PM PDT) – Sun, Apr 30th (7:59 AM PDT) ?PlatformsPS5/PS4/Xbox Series X|S/Win 10/Steam/Epic Gameshttps://t.co/4L5XOjC6d2#KOFXV #KOF15 pic.twitter.com/L809DprISe — SNK GLOBAL (@SNKPofficial) April 21, 2023 SNK’s netcode has been improving…

The Fall Classic 2013 Bonus Prize Poll

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Voting is now OPEN for the $3000 bonus prize from One Frame Link! Head to http://oneframelink.com/polls/tfc2013/bonus-prize for voting instructions!

Registrations now OPEN for PFC – wanna fly to Evo?

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Registrations are now OPEN for the chance to win a ticket to EVO. http://www.parisfullcontact.com/