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As posted  by ZeroNiiro – while emulators can be blamed for SNK’s death, they are also responsible for many an otherwise idle teenager’s burst of creative energy being used to entertain the masses.  Here we have KOF sprites being used for another movie of sorts, this time a basketball skit. …

KOF Movie (Abridged)

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Seriously, even these 10 mins are a waste of your time.? However, the edit is quite funny, love the Iori sound clips.? Just don’t watch the movie.? Just don’t. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UKxPeod8pvY[/youtube] Thx SonicTempest / The Switcher

More The King of Fighters Movie Misery

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I’m just sparing you the grief of seeing it.? It’s being agreed as even worse than the SF and Tekken movies.? Here’s Vice’s phone.? Shermie?? Well apart from her being dead, having an Orochi sister on your phone is fine.? Duo Lon? Hmmm debatable.? Ramon? wtf. Now the thing is…