King of (Frame) Data App v1.1 released #KOFXIV

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If you want something in your hand apart from your joystick while standing on the bus or train, or gearstick or whatever, and are tired of looking through facebook, try the new frame data app for KOFXIV. It’s buggy, it’s lacking content but it’s going to be awesome. PUBLIC RELEASE…

Stick it!

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Virtua Stick Mod (edit: fixed link) This was a lot harder than I thought.? Plenty of mistakes and goddamn the scalpel wasn’t sharp enough! You can click on this to examine it closely… More on this later!

Inside the PS3 Neogeo Stick part 2

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[youtube][/youtube] Don’t get too excited, I’m not going to dissassemble it, just take off the back cover and have a look around.

Neogeo stick 2 for PS3 review

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Part 1 Not much of a review really, I was too horny waiting to play with my stick 😛