Samurai Shodown

Shizumaru update 17 sep

Frame Data!

Patch 1.1 notes

The game has been updated with some significant changes.

Here is the full list from SNK.


Check out what the patch means to players, according to Mikey, here

Please pay attention to these updates before reading guides for version 1.


Olaf’s Google Doc

which covers the system, the mechanics, guts and more!

Perry’s Google Doc

which explains the game and why you should play it plus many other resources!

Rage damage explanation

Dandy J Tutorials


Character Guides

Also check

Beginner Guides by  MunchiAZ 

Punishing Tam Tam

Frame data

Frame data 1

Frame data 2

Getting help on Twitter / community





Also, this website has an unmoderated and unorganised list of video clips but they are precisely divided by character! Add your own with the following hashtags


Parry exhibition

This will help you learn the timing for that maximum punish!


Watch live video from experimilk on


SonicSol stream:

Watch live video from sonic_sol on

GameGoons stream:

Watch live video from GameGoons on


Team sp00ky:

Watch live video from teamsp00ky on


Watch live video from itzromanceon

Browse youtube for Samsho vids


Samsho Community

Samurai Friends

Japanese Discord

French discord

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