the #SylviePaulaPaula roundup! #KOFXV

*update with some new attack patterns and fixed some tweets that weren’t displaying *updated with streams! Art, combos, framedata and some attack patterns for SNK’s newest dlc character. In only a day, her trailer has half the views of Kim’s!  She has a new crossup C, a new command throw, charge attack and a ground projectile! She simply feels like a new character!  Try her out, and here is a great collection of community posts to help you along!

As usual please email or DM for removal, apologies for not asking first. Here are some choice tweets which have been curated.

Sylvie joins the dlc squad and according to get official story, is literally banded with whomever you choose; that is canon, as Helsic demonstrates:

There are of course some lovely artworks as Sylvie is released, not to mention some pandering to the male gaze haha, with an overzealous boost to Sylvie’s usual bust. Enjoy!

A lot of combos have stemmed from quick max after her fwd A in mid air but Tawarazawa demonstrates activating max mode after hcb PP!

While we are quite sure of Sylvie’s roots in Harajuku style and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, there has been discussion of BabyMetal as the new inspiration for the new costume. As far as I can see, it’s possible, but only in terms of going to the darker colours, whereas in terms of costume design, there is no link visible.

Persona shows you can combo off her new ground projectile

Gatoray will make you question whether all the maxmoding is worth it

5 bar kill? Of course! How about a practical kill from her new charge attack? Flashback shows you how:

Gatoray shows the full invincibility of her supers


Sylvie does have an infinite, but it’s literally harmless, unless your opponent wants to win by timeout, then it’s fatal and very very lame… But who knows the audience might react! Note that SNK has confirmed it will remove it.

You can kara cd, or was that just a placebo for good timing?  Either way this will be patched.

The conventional ground route 5 bar combo is still good but perhaps limited to practice mode for fun, as Kawama3141 demos:

As for more realistic combos, 1.5meters for 425 damage, from a crouching B, is very good.

Perhaps the realest post here, fwd A as anti air into combo, check it out!!!

Deiver shows how fast she is, but can you keep up?

2bar stand c punish from koukou

Along with the infinite, Sylvie may get some nerfs including her fall speed

Comboing off her grab is possible but may need a microdash or perhaps a kara cd?

Koukou’s corner only grab combo:

Sylvie has plenty safe jumps too

Combos from crB and grabs


Yeah she has a new crossup

Frionel shows 1 bar is enough to inflict more than 50% damage. Surely corner only, however.


Dune goes into detail about countermeasures

Frame data

Grab the wallpaper for your phone!

And she had her interview!

Attack patterns

After all the combos and move studies, how to actually play Sylvie is the concern. Here Tennkawa, a big fan of Sylvie, shows off what seems to be a nasty confusing crossup, dazzling the opponent afterwards into probably getting hit in front:

Here is a little flow to punish opponents who try to mash:

Want to punish with cd?

Nice string, don’t intterupt!


and finally don’t forget our tournament!

Sylvie 1v1 Tournament + Neogeonow Interview!

The Sylvie Fan Frenzy has begun! She’s less whacky, more cute, and with a new costume, new moves, a crossup attack and new command throw, she may well be top tier!  This Saturday we’ll focus entirely on her with a singles tournament with ONLY Sylvie players! Continue reading “Sylvie 1v1 Tournament + Neogeonow Interview!”

SNK extends feedback deadline #KOFXV_CPOBT

The response to the beta test was unanimously positive but it wasn’t perfect!  However, it looks like it’s going to be great for the fans who still play and good development experience for SNK, for their future products.  Make sure you fill out the feedback form! Deadline is May 7th!  Now let me discuss player experiences: Continue reading “SNK extends feedback deadline #KOFXV_CPOBT”

KOFXV OBT Hopes and Fears: a lot of fears & not a lot of hope

SNK’s netcode has been improving through the years, from absolutely unplayable underwater-speed connections to having rollback and being able to play cross-continent smoothly, albeit with a few hiccups.  This all comes way too late, with SF6 and Tekken 8 on the horizon, but this experience will no doubt give the next Fatal Fury an instant boost, while KOF hardcore fans have had to endure clout-chasing videos mocking beta bugs and a frustrating lobby, and Samsho players are still waiting after 8 months for their game to be released with rollback.  Still, SNK could have simply abandoned the players that remain, it’s not like they would stop playing, at this point.  When it works, it works.  We can mutter and still manage.  So it’s great that SNK is investing precious development time into quality of life improvements for these (by current definitions) old games.


While there will be even more “omg” videos of KOFXV crossplay bugs, and it was shocking that the Samsho rollback beta was released in such a state, the attention should work in SNK’s favour, in the end. Although, arguably, some people will have a bad memory and need to be re-informed by newer videos, which of course your average influencer won’t make, because there’s nothing amazing about an online connection that is smooth, simply because that should be standard.

Industy followers know that this crossplay may have cost SNK quite a bit of cash, if the leaked documents from Epic were anything to go by: Sony and MS require compensation for ‘losing’ players to the other platforms. Perhaps, as KOFXV is now a year old, the price was reduced.  This is sensitive information that we won’t get to verify, so don’t bother asking, in my opinion.  All that remains is to play the game and hope it works.

Note that players will have to download a completely new and separate version of the game. It will have all dlc characters unlocked but no story mode.


All we can do is hope that the room entry bug and the round one lag will be resolved and that somehow PC and even PS5 players don’t have to suffer an increased input lag to match the lower spec of the PS4.

It is certainly too much to hope for a new lobby, more like KOFXIV, but KOF98UM was a surprise, so who knows!

SNK should know very well by now to hide any assets of future DLC characters but eh…. keen eyes will be diving into the folders…

Even though it is likely that the player base has dwindled, as it does naturally, it is likely that a huge amount of players will return (it’s technically the full game for free).  They will get destroyed during the beta, complain, and they will not come back (until the next demo or something). There’s no need to beg them to play, just fight them, laugh at the salty direct messages, and have a good time that weekend!  As with every launch, don’t miss it!  Player count will peak!

SNK’s KOFXV crossplay open beta test will run Thursday April 27th 8PM PDT until Sunday 30th 7:59AM PDT

The downloads are not available as yet, check back for updates to this post.

The Draft 4 #KOFXV 14th May PC Tournament

This is the Draft Mode Tournament Information Page. It is a PC EMEA Regional Tournament with open registration.  This tournament is supported by SNK. This will probably be the last one.

This may be crossplay enabled, fingers crossed.

[ Registration ]

  • Format 
  • Players
  • Livestream Schedule
  • Brackets & Rules

format header graphic

KOFXV has many game modes that bring variety and fun, one of them is the DRAFT mode. This tournament uses that format.  The first player will choose one character, the second player then chooses two.  Then the first player chooses their next character and then the second player picks their last character, then player one can pick their last.  It makes for fun viewing as the players try to counter pick each other, as only one player can take the strongest character, yes, that’s right, there are no mirrors, each character can only be picked ONCE.  There can only be one Krohnen per match!!!

Match Format is FT2.  Brackets will be shuffled live on stream, then simply the player at the top of each bracket will takes first place.  Matches will be fixed FT2. Players may change characters after a loss but winner stays in lobby position.  Final stages are FT2 and if time is running late, TO can rule sudden death.

This is a PC online tournament over the EMEA region.  The PS4 tournament for EU was in April!.

players title graphic

Featured players (in no particular order)

1. FReZZer




Frezzer couldn’t confirm attendance in time.


2. Tortita


Surprise!!! Our best friend from Chile

is in Spain right now! So he’s joining

the fight! Sylvie was not released

which is such a shame, but maybe

Ash will be playing!!


3. Jacvinjack

A friend of NWA54 who had to

step out at the last minute.

Let’s see what you got!



4. Deiver

no show



5. Hurricane237

Uh, yeah, it’s Claude, the SFV Champion!

I’m not sure who I should ask to

give the other a chance…

It’ll be fun either way! Let’s go!



6. Orochi-X


He says he’s a “casual player trying his luck

in tournaments, from Turkey” but

I think he’s quite a strong Isla player!



7. Khatefx

“Veteran of kof-
One of the best players in morocco,
My speciality : female charaters-
I’m a loyal Shermie and Athena main since forever!
I also play other characters like :

Orochi Shermie, Mai, King , Athena

and Elizabeth in case someone took my princess”

Well I guess he knows what he’s doing!!

This will be a harder player to counter pick,

as he will have no shortage of waifus!




8. Dantemustdrink

Heyo! I am a beginner player in the KOF series.

All last year I devoted myself to this game.

I play and help promote KOF

in my country and I’m happy about it.

I will also say that I have

4th and 5th place in the

tournament “Claim The Crown”

because I am an Average KOF Enjoyer from RUSSIA!


9. Vics

Top 3 Tournament Finalist at Stunfest and others!

Leona, Luong and now Angel specialist,

but maybe has some other tricks up his sleeve!!


10. Wolfman

Draft 2 Champion and back from Japan!

Another veteran of the FGC,

3rd place at SNK Regionals!

A firm favourite to win,

especially if Frezzer is out of the way lollllll


11. WivGar

Recently top 8 2CBU finalist,

WivGar continues to improve.

Actually starting FGs with Drabon ball fighterZ,

KOFXV is their first KOF title,

only recently taking it seriously.

It is always interesting to watch the progress

of new blood in the scene!




12. Nissouma


no show


13. Ziwa

Another tournament finalist!

Very strong!




Darien got called up by work at the last minute 🙁



15. Megaman Azeddine




A champion of KOF2002UM , KOFXV & 98FE!

Watch out for the superfast reflexes

even online!  He was a huge threat to Frezzer,

taking a win in an exhilerating match!


16. MotionMan

Hailing from the Czech Republic, winner of Orochi Tournament,

MotionMan is back-

and this time knows the rules!

The question is, do the others?

Will he pick Vanessa or will someone try to steal her?

Make sure you tune in and don’t miss it!!!


Sunday 14th May 12:00 (Midday) CET


Your viewing experience will be verbally expounded by Gunsmith.


  • One of Europe’s best commentators (kek)

brackets title graphic

Here’s the direct link to the brackets if the embed does not display.

The brackets are shuffled live and may be adjusted if certain countrymen or team members have to face off immediately. Due to the nature of Draft Mode, the top slot of each bracket is assigned to player 1. That means this player goes into the left slot (player 1 side) of the lobby room and gains first choice in the draft mode.

Remember the brackets will be adjusted just before starting the tournament.  Contact the TO through the stream chat, steam players have a special group for communication, so please add the TO through steam.

Thanks to SNK, all the players, and YOU.

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