Luong Guide KOFXIV


TEAM Kapwan



Best Position: Point Mid Anchor

Best Tools:







LP “Light Punch”

  • Crouch :
  • Stand :
  • Far :
  • Hop :
  • Jump : same



LK “Light Kick”

  • Crouch :
  • Stand :
  • Far :
  • Hop :
  • Jump : same



HP “Heavy Punch”

  • Crouch :
  • Stand :
  • Far :
  • Hop :
  • Jump : same



HK “Heavy Kick”

  • Crouch :
  • Stand :
  • Far :
  • Hop :
  • Jump : same



HPHK “CD Blowback”

  • Stand:
  • Air:


Command Normals

? LK “name”

  • Overhead




qcf LP /LK /HP /HK “Geki[EX]

  • Poke
  • It’s…
  • EX is…



air qcb K “Rin[EX]

  • Poke/anti/counter/grab



HCB K “Ren” [EX]

  • Poke/anti/counter/grab
  • S5,A20,R14
  • It’s…
  • EX is…


Supers & Climax

qcf x2 K “Tou [Max]

  • Anti Air
  • Kicks
  • Max version is…



  • Rushing Multiple Hit Super


HCBx2 PP “Ben” Climax

  • Notes


Best Combos


Pole Position

  • H
  • damage


Mid position

  • damage



Corner after whip upper





Basic Guide Video

Nasty setup after blocked crouch attack


Strategy by TrulyaMiracle


KoF’s newest Vixen comin in hot with crazy normals, Yazamaki’s snake strikes and some of the highest damage outputs in the game.

Luong is another TKD character but has a very different style from Kim, with normals mostly aimed at a high angle and super fast run her neutral game is one of the best in the game right now.

Her gameplan revolves around her Geki, which is similar to Yamzaki’s snake strikes but with even more reach. She can control a lot of space with the B Geki and the air space with A Geki, combined with her CD and other normals being in the mid range is almost always in Luong’s favor.
Add the factor of Luong having some of the highest meterless damage in the game once she puts in the corner, and it spikes even higher with meter. she’s a very solid contender for top tier, especially if the current S tier get toned down a bit.

Luong is one of the characters that can be played in any position, but I think she’s at full potential when she has meter stocked. I play her either second or anchor.
It makes her stray hits scarier, as well as her low confirms and her overhead as she doesn’t get much from them without MAX cancel.

Luong’s pokes go really far and are really good.
Far C (11f/-1), far B (6f/-2), cr D (12f/-19), CD (13f/-11) and B Geki are her pokes.
Far B is quick and has a nice angle, can stop hops as well as being a poke.
Cr D is one of the better sweeps in the game, has nice range and goes really low which can low profile a lot of jumps. whiff cancellable into Geki feint for mindgames and safety. Compliments the range between far B and CD.
Far C has a good hitbox and active frames but it’s a bit slow, so use it carefully.
Her CD imo, is the best in the game. A leaping high kick that goes over lows and can’t be thrown. Goes super far with solid range, can be whiff cancelled to kara her other specials as well. Can be used for corner carry in combos, and can anti-air hops as well. On block cancelling into Geki hold adds a mindgame where you can do delayed B Geki to frametrap or instant B Geki will blockstring and push them back into the corner. You can also do Geki feint to stay safe and build meter. Can combo into EX ranbu from fullscreen even after Geki feint, in the corner you can go into big combos after it as well.

Her far A (5f/-1), far B, crouch C (8f/-6), and Rin (hcb+K) can all anti-air hops.
Far A and far B hit similar angles, but A is quicker and B has more range, so use them accordingly.
Cr C is nice but it lacks in range, it has the benefit of a crouching hurtbox however and it’s a heavy so it’s more damage.
Rin can catch airborne opponents but it’s more of a pre-emptive anti-air and not a reaction one.

She also has far D (12f/-6) and A Geki for higher jumps.
Far D is a great anti-air once you learn it’s range, but it’s slow so it takes some practice to use it properly.
A Geki catches a lot of jumps in it’s path and you can combo off of it as well, generally people will only jump at you from up close or only use hops because of this move.

Her air to airs are j.C (10f) and j.CD (13f). Both are on the slow side but have great hitboxes once they’re out, especially j.CD which can be used as a poke and as a jump-in as well. Very important tool.

Her jump ins are j.A (6f), j.D (6f) and j.B (5).
J.D is a long range kick jump-in, go-to for further jumps.
J.B is a cross up can hit pretty deep. Can also air to air if you want a quicker option but has short range.
J.A is similar to Kim’s, hits right under her and can hit either side. very ambiguous, cancellable into Ren (air qcb+K) for nasty crossup mixups and in combos.
J.CD can also be used a jump-in, but it whiffs on crouchers. If blocked deep enough you can get another hop mixup.

Her main special is Geki, the Yamazaki Snake Strikes. Can be done high with A, mid with B or low with C (all 13f). All leave the opponent standing
Mid and High have crazy range, low doesn’t go as far. All super cancellable and safe if blocked with a lot of pushback. (high and low are -2, Mid is -8 with pushback).
You can hold the Geki if you hold the button, can be held for a really long time, and you can feint/cancel by pressing D at any point.
It builds meter even if you feint so it’s a good meter building move and it helps in mindgames from fullscreen away as people will come to you if they see you feinting to build meter.
Mid is the main one as it’s a poke to control a lot of space, but it whiffs on some crouching characters so be careful. It whiffs on some characters at max range, but will connect upclose. Against those characters use Low Geki or Geki feint instead.
High is an anti-air and combo filler to juggle after it. Whiffs on crouchers at all ranges.
Low is short ranged but hits low and can be combo’d from lights, learn combos with low Geki instead of Mid so they’ll connect on everyone, or adjust according to character if you want.
EX (9f/-12) does a low>mid>high sequence and switches sides with a hard knockdown. combo ender if you wish to save the bar.

Rin (hcb+k) is another important move for Luong. Genocide cutter-esque move. Light (14f/-10) is quicker and heavy (18f/-8) has a slight delay but goes higher.
This move can anti-air and it launches. Not safe (it was pre-patch, RIP).
Midscreen you can combo into A Geki for juggles and you can get insane damage in the corner.
EX (10f) does a double kick and launches higher, essential in MAX combos. The extra kick has a crazy hitbox so it can work as an anti-air. Whiffs on crouchers though and very punishable on block.

Her last special is Ren, air qcb+K. B (13f) D (18f). Spinning air kick that’s plus on block if it hits late enough and alters her air momentum. Cancellable from j.A. Can easily cross up and pops up for a juggle.
Can be tigerknee’d (qcb, u+K) for an instant version, useful in maximizing damage in the corner.
EX version (10f) is faster and pops up higher. can be used multiple times in the same juggle to do beast combos.
Note that Ren isn’t an overhead, but the EX Ren is.

Tou, Qcfx2 +K (17f/-17), is a big 1 hit super. Goes around halfscreen and can be used at the end of combos for a damage boost and corner carry. It’s also the better super to advanced/Climax cancel out of.
EX (7f/-26) does an extra hit at the end for more damage, if you’ll advanced/Climax cancel however you can only cancel after the first hit. regular version is better in this case as it does all it’s damage in the first hit.

Her other super, Tei, qcf hcb+K (12f/-11) is a ranbu. Goes almost fullscreen but it’s not active all the way through.
EX (5f/-17) is much faster and is a lot more active, goes fullscreen and can anti-air (low profile the jumps, not invincible).
Does a lot of damage and her go-to combo ender. Hard knockdown.

Her Climax,Ben (11f/-30) is similar to the Tou super, goes super far and can whiff punish a lot of things. Invincible and it’s her only real reversal option (an expensive one but it’s there).
Does a big kick and once it connects it goes into the best animation in the game. Not worth it unless it’ll kill imo as EX ranbu does similar damage.

Her combos aren’t complex but learning to Tk (tigerknee) Ren takes some practice and it boosts her damage greatly.

-Cr.B cr.B cr.B xx B or C Geki
-Cr.B cr.B cr.A Hcb+B B Geki xx EX Ranbu
-Cr.B cr.B cr.A Hcb+B CD (corner carry)
-Cl.D f.B Hcb+D CD (corner carry)
-Cl.D f.B Hcb+D A Geki into Ranbu or EX Ranbu (damage)
-Cl.D f.B MAX Cl.D…
-Cr.B cr.B cr.B MAX cl.D …
-F.B MAX cl.D …
•MAX enders:
-MAX cl.D f.B Hcb+B EX Hcb+K A Geki B Geki xx EX Ranbu
-MAX cl.D f.B EX Hcb+K Hcb+B EX Geki (side switch)
-MAX cl.D f.B Hcb+B EX Hcb+K Tk EX Ren Ranbu or EX Ranbu
-Cl.D f.B Hcb+D A Geki Hcb+B A Geki (cl.D for reset or B Geki xx EX Ranbu for damage)
-Cl.D f.B Hcb+D A Geki hcb+B B Geki xx EX Ranbu
-Cl.D f.B MAX cl.D f.B Hcb+B EX Hcb+K A Geki Tk EX Ren B Geki xx EX Ranbu

Luong has a lot more possible combo options with more EX Rens, but these are good enough to compete. Expand on them once you get these down.

-Luong has one of fastest run in the game, so once people respect your buttons and Geki pokes, run up throw (run then b+C when close enough) is very legit and useful with her.
-f.B (22f/-3) is an overhead if done raw. Use it for mixups, MAX cancel from it for more damage.
-After forward throw, hyper hop j.B is a safejump.
-cl.B (5f/-2) is a low, can combo into hcb+B.
-on block you can MAX cancel pokes or blockstrings into a high/low mixup. MAX j.A EX Ren for an overhead, or MAX cl.B Hcb+B for a low. Super cheap and both go into full combo.
-same as above you can also MAX cancel immediately into tk EX Ren and it’ll cross up. Also super cheap.
-j.A into D Ren can cross up depending on spacing, very ambiguous so experiment to see what you can do with it. D Ren in general can cross up in a lot of odd places and catches people off guard. Once it hits you can reset with cl.A into a hop D Ren for another cross-up.
-Cl.C (6f/-5) is 2 hits and both are cancellable, it’s another option instead of cl.D f.B but does less damage, it’s still an option to keep in mind.
-CD can go over ground fireballs but it’s a tight window.



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