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Editor & Contributor : Yulya

Summary: Rushdown character well-balanced. Has many powerful tools  (especially her normal moves) and a great ability to pressurize her opponents. She can be good in any position and gain meter really fast. Very easy to use even if the lack of a grounded overhead requires a good mastery of the game, in particular of the jumping system.

Best Position: Point Mid Anchor

Best Tools:

  • LK (crouch, far, jump)
  • j. LP/HP





LP “Light Punch”

  • Crouch : can anti air, special cancelable
  • Stand : correct poke, stops hops but slower than far LP
  • Far : quick hops stopper, can chain, special cancelable
  • Hop : really fast = excellent pressure tool
  • Jump : same



LK “Light Kick”

  • Crouch : excellent move : great range and speed, can chain, special cancelable
  • Stand : can stop hops, special cancelable
  • Far : excellent poke, 0 on block, can stop hops, super and special cancelable
  • Hop : good air-to-air
  • Jump : same



HP “Heavy Punch”

  • Crouch : good AA but don’t work against hops
  • Stand : 2 hits, cancelable, forces crouchers to stand, very unsafe so needs to be cancelled by f+A, good punish starter
  • Far : great poke which reaches far but really unsafe on block, special cancelable
  • Hop : great jump-in, can cross up but long start up
  • Jump : same



HK “Heavy Kick”

  • Crouch : good range and speed => can be used as poke ; special cancelable
  • Stand : 2 hits, unsafe, cancelable, use in combos, can AA
  • Far : really slow AA, bad range, don’t hit crouchers
  • Hop : good range and start up, no crossup
  • Jump : same



HPHK “CD Blowback”

  • Stand: excellent range, cancelable even on whiff
  • Air: excellent range too, great air-to-air but slow start up

Command Normals

fwdLP “One Inch

  • crumples
  • special cancelable
  • super cancelable on its own


dfLK “Slider shoot”

  • hits low
  • really unsafe
  • goes under projectiles




qcf“Diamond Breathe” [EX]

  • the A version has a quicker startup than the C version but is unsafe
  • C version is safe on block, so it’s useful in meaty
  • cancels projectiles
  • EX version crumples and can punish projectiles if close enough


P “Crow Bite” [EX]

  • good AA
  • the A version has a shorter start up and is more invincible
  • the C version can whiff on crouch opponents
  • EX is a great reversal


qcf“Ray Spin” [EX]

  • lower body invincibility
  • the D version whiffs on crouchers
  • B version = good tool for pressings
  • EX version : even on block
  • Unsafe but can be made safer if followed by stand (can still be punished thought)
  • Can be followed by:

–    fwdLK “Stand” : projectile safe on block that allows to juggle in the corner

–   fwdHK “Sit” : = slider shoot that put the opponent in a juggle state, Ray spin D can’t whiff to be followed by sit


QCB“Counter Shell”

  • reflects projectiles
  • can be whiffed to gain meter
  • super cancelable by Diamond breathe


Supers & Climax

qcfx2 P “Diamond Edge” [Max]

  • can AA but better in combos
  • slow startup
  • no invincibility
  • MAX version has good damage (less in the corner) and invincibility but slow startup too


qcfx2 K “Frozen Arena”

  • more damage than Diamond Edge
  • use against grounded opponents rather than in juggles
  • very unsafe on block
  • no invincibility
  • MAX VERSION : better damage and reaches further, invincible startup


HCBx2 PP “Glacier Ridge” Climax

  • great range and excellent damage


Best Combos

  • Optimal 0 bar : cl.C xx f.A  xx qcb+B-f.D > dp C (279 dmg/255)
  • Optimal 1 bar : cl.C xx f.A  xx qcb+B-f.D > dp C xx qcfx2 P (384 dmg/195)
  • Optimal 2 bars : cl.C xx f.A  xx qcb+B-f.D > dp C xx qcfx2 BD (476 dmg/214)
  • Optimal 3 bars : cl.C xx f.A  xx qcb+B-f.D > dp C xx hcbx2 AC (584 dmg/215)
  • Optimal 4 bars : st.C xx qcb+B – f.D > dp C xx qcfx2 P xx hcbx2 PP (694 dmg/215)
  • Optimal 5 bars : cl.C xx f.A  xx qcb B-f.D > dp C xx qcfx2 BD xx hcbx2 PP (751 dmg/215)
  • Punisher 5 bars : st.C xx dp C xx qcfx2 BD xx hcbx2 PP (781 dmg/210) (side switch before climax!)
  • Optimal CD glitch

Combos starters :

  • cr.B xx cr.B xx st. B xx special => allows to confirm from a low (one more cr.B can be added if really close to opponent)
  • cl.C xx f.A xx special  => can be comboed into from a jump in ; leads generally to the most damaging combos, but since f.A is not safe at all it better be cancelled by qcf+P on block (knowing that qcf+A is not safe, and there’s a gap between One Inch and qcf+C) or even Ray Spin D; cl. C must be cancelled after the 1st hit
  • cl.D xx f.A xx special => can not be comboed from a jump in ; slightly more damaging than cl. C but lower startup : use to punish
  • st.C xx qcb+D-f.D > special => good to start long-range punish combos; allows to land very damaging combos
  • CD > whiff qcb+D > dp
  • CD > qcb+D-f.B > dp => corner only


  • The most damaging combos are not in the corner, mainly because all the hits of her super Diamond Edge don’t connect in the corner.
  • The maxmode combos are also less damaging : for exemple in 3rd position, with the maxmode she can make max 682 dmg (vs 751 without maxmode!). Also her combos are not more damaging in 3rd position. So even if she can be used as anchor with a really harmful climax maybe she’s better in 1st or 2nd position, moreover knowing that she can gain meter really fast.


2.0 glitch combo? Her CD resets to standing

Optimal x bars 







Notes sir.


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