KOF XIV General Tech

Make sure you have read up on how to play !  Here are some videos if you prefer watching than reading.

The KOF Engine


The KOF Engine #2


Exploring Options



All characters safe jump


Punishing Rolls OS

Rolls were crazy strong in KOF14 but were nerfed and now vulnerable at the end.  However, they can still make it difficult to pressure an opponent (and you should use rolls more to escape pressure!).  Some characters can punish attempts to roll away with an Option Select (OS).  Watch the following clip and then read the explanation:

ON.Freezer explains:

When you see Leona punishing Mai as she tries to roll out of the corner, it’s an OS.
You start your attack pressure with
cr.B s.A f.B …
but instead of that s.A press ACD
-If the opponent blocks crouch B, you will get a blockstring.
-If it hits, you will get the combo.
-If your opponent rolls, you will get a CD that will punish ?

Some characters have a fast CD that you can use to combo, others not.

Jump attack OS




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