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Beta testing has now ended, thanks to everyone who helped!!

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This page is for the community fans who support SNK and KOF.  If you want to help SNK perfect this product before launch, here’s how to do it!


  • OS: Windows 7 64-bit
  • Processor: Intel Core i3-4160 @ 3.40GHz – Use CPU Compare to see if yours is better
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 480, Intel® HD Graphics 4400, ATI Radeon™ HD 5000 series, or better. OpenGL 4.3 required.
  • Storage: 16 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: Compatible with XInput and DirectInput USB devices including gamepads and arcade sticks based on Xbox 360, Xbox One, and DualShock controllers.

1. Buy it on steam. The pre-order is available at a special 20% off!  This gives you access to the beta. Please leave feedback on the steam forums.

2. If you have the ps4 version and you have a PC that meets the required specs, leave a comment (or contact me via Facebook) with your:

  • PS4 Id
  • steam id
  • Country
  • Twitter or Stream (if you have these)
  • Put your email in the form! (No need to publicly post it)

Note: Keys will expire on launch date, Jun 12. Note that the pre order discount will also expire so if you want all that dlc at a cheaper price, you need to buy it before this date!

3. Tweet your experience + thx to @orochinagicom and use hashtag #KOFXIVSE and post full details on steam forums.

Due to being busy af, there are no guarantees of getting a key or a reply. I apologise for the lack of manners but we thank you for your support! Hope to see you online!

Your steam id may be shared to help other players test the netcode.

You may be contacted to locate or verify your feedback.

Thanks for your help!

#burntofight #playkof


Community Testers

Country Name PS4 ID Steam Tweets/streams
USA Tyler mvskokee mvskokee Tweets/streams
USA Evan Nguyen Kusanagi-Style Kusanagi_style Tweets/streams
USA Stophers Stophers Kamen Pink!! Tweets/streams
Finland Wauhti PS4 wauhti Tweets/streams
UK Grimulus PS4 Lord_Grimulus Tweets/streams
UK Gillstolemyride PS4 GILLSTOLEMYRIDE Tweets/streams
UK MichelS kekkaiFR Steam Tweets/streams
UK Pizzaken SunAndSteel kenmcd0310 Tweets/streams
Belgium Wahsinku Wahsinku Wahsinku Tweets/streams
France Abou PS4 Steam Tweets/streams
France Vics PS4 Steam Tweets/streams
France Shuroan Shuroan shuroan Tweets/streams
France Gunsmith Gunsmith-on ON.Gunsmith Cannot run game
France The General Sounjata Steam Tweets/streams
France Brownsky PS4 Steam Tweets/streams
France shinblaze shinblaze Steam Tweets/streams
France kaito PS4 Steam Cannot run game
France KOFproject PS4 StC@mus Tweets/streams
France KOFproject PS4 Souleirys Tweets/streams
? Lethalmind PS4 Steam Tweets/streams
Reunion Island Senen senen-goroshy senen974 Tweets/streams
? The Lone Wolf PS4 Steam Tweets/streams
Germany dlz ZuperKommandant ZuperKommandant Tweets/streams
Germany Leopold Goenitz PS4 Steam Tweets/streams
Germany Dracula Dracula-kun Dracula Tweets/streams
? Xx-_goanssj2_-xX Steam Tweets/streams
? ceraf Steam Tweets/streams
Mexico  zerch84 zerch84 zerch_00 Tweets/streams
USA Aldrin PS4 Steam Tweets/streams
Australia Colonov PS4 Tannedtitties Tweets/streams
Australia Dark Chaotix PS4 Steam Tweets/streams
Australia TAJ PS4 Steam Tweets/streams
UK GMB PS4 Steam Tweets/streams
UK Cristina PS4 Steam Tweets/streams
Morocco Freezer PS4 Steam Cannot run game
Morocco PS4 Deadmaann Steam Tweets/streams
UK Supa supa_masher_2205 Steam Cannot run game
Belgium Davids PS4 Steam Tweets/streams
UK PS4 Steam anakron199X /streams
Canada sir_swiftknight sir_swiftknight sir_swiftknight Tweets/streams
Luxembourg Supernilly Supernilly Steam Tweets/streams
Brazil Jubs Starkiller jubajubs86 Jujubaum n/a
Italy Bushi_82 Bushi_82 Saikyonotora Tweets/streams
Peru TiTo Porras kusa3k Tweets/streams
Belgium Kogazor koga aelynn Tweets/streams
USA TeamRival TeamRival TeamRival Tweets/streams
Belgium Davids Davviids Steam Tweets/streams
USA Theo PS4 Theo75 Tweets/streams
USA Pedro PS4 Sol Ingobernable Tweets/streams
France Hussen PS4 hussbadguy Tweets/streams
Gautemala Alejandro PS4 Steam Tweets/streams
Country Roah Kasumi PS4 Steam Tweets/streams
Mexico Ernesto PS4 F A K E L O V E Tweets/streams
Argentina Gumer PS4 Steam Tweets/streams
Morocco Saffri PS4 jiigoro Tweets/streams
Mexico Mario PS4 mico9999 Tweets/streams
Malaysia Abdul PS4 AmanZ Tweets/streams
Mexico Juan Ma PS4 zukamx Tweets/streams
Morocco Kofonline PS4 k0fonline Tweets/streams
Brazil Leonardo PS4 oitohits Tweets/streams
UK Courtney PS4 chaos3two Tweets/streams
Reunion Island Karim PS4 Yash Tweets/streams
Malaysia Derris PS4 Mad Gear ANON Tweets/streams
France Arielskb PS4 askab Tweets/streams
 Australia Paparoach PS4 msohailqureshi Tweets/streams
Paraguay Chelo PS4 CHeLo Tweets/streams
 France  Riad Soularena Varghas
Poland  Marcin PS4 ssmw03 Tweets/streams
PS4 Steam Tweets/streams
PS4 Steam Tweets/streams
PS4 Steam Tweets/streams
PS4 Steam Tweets/streams

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