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Dear fans, here are 10 questions with Artiko Kashir!  This interview is with Hiyu, a Japanese musician, cosplayer and big SNK fan!

Hiyu Nonaka as Athena from KOF 98
Hiyu Nonaka as Athena from KOF 98

1. How did you come to know about The King of Fighters ?

This story will be a little long.
I used to like videogames. However, I was not interested in fighting games. I didn’t play against anyone,  I use to see the endings and then I didn’t play them any more. I was not interested in RPG games either.
I played a fighting game for the first time during the Street Fighter boom. It was a big time to get interested to find opponents.
When I was a student, my nickname was “Kusanagi Kyo” when I cut my hair shorter and for the first time I discovered SNK’s fighting games in 1997.
I looked for KOF at the video game center and I saw a good KOF 96′ player using  Kyo Kusanagi. The character was amazing!
I was admiring Kyo Kusanagi like Shingo Yabuki.
I’m currently playing a KOF game and it’s so cool.
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2. Your favorite team of all time ?

SNK characters and team’s stories have so much personality and are very attractive.

I can’t choose the no.1, but I’ve thought that I would like to be a member of the Japanese team ( laughing ). For that I learned a bit of Judo.
3. What you think about KOF XIV ?

A game where I liked KOF again.

When I saw the NEST Kusanagi Kyo of 99, I could not play any more KOF like before ( lol ).
Kyo Kusanagi is my hero. I couldn’t believe that my hero lost all his power.
It was also sad that SNK sound team’s music was influenced and wanted to make the players as well even after the end of the game.
Two years ago when I began to care about my music activities, I heard that KOF XIV could be experienced at KVO × KSB. I was touched knowing that my favorite game was still here!
It took me 17 years to overcome the shock …
However, I became interested in fighting games again and I have a very enjoyable life.
I really appreciate this KOF.
4. Do you have any other favorite SNK games ?

Samurai Shodown/Spirits, Last Blade, BURIKI ONE

5. What you think about the fighting games community ( FGC )?
I am very happy about the fighting game community right now.
17 years ago there were a lot of people scared to go to the game center. At that time, after a defeat, some people would hit the cabinet and others would burn their cigarette into it.
Now such people are very few and because now there is a community, even a woman can go to see a tournament with confidence.
It is also possible to know the event through the Internet.
I am happy to have many friends to play with in the game.
You, who reads this, is actually a friend.
Hiyu as Athena 98 with executive producer Yasuyuki Oda
Hiyu as Athena 98′ with executive producer Yasuyuki Oda
6. Can you tell us about your passions ?
It will be a bit of a dark story.
As I left the SNK games ( 99′ ), SNK went  bankrupt.
Sometimes I played SNK Playmore games but I was a little young and I could not enjoy the same impact as from the previous one.
Gradually I began to focus on my music and artistic activities.
When I tried KOF XIV with KSB × KVO, I looked at the images of Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami. They reflected on my irritation but at the same time, I wanted to support this game and SNK again.
I don’t want to feel again so sad if my favorite company no longer exists.
I hope all the new fighting games are exciting and all the young players enjoy them, playing happily.
For now, it moves all with that feeling.
7. What is Mechanophilia ?
“MECHANOPHILIA” was produced by the electro unit “Tokinomakina” by the two people of PROTOTYPE-AI who is in charge of the truck and the Nonaka ( ME ) metaphor responsible for vocals. It is a rare content CD in Japan that can obtain optimum effect by making full use of stereophonic technology and headphones.

Music Video?yuria type-D?

Hiyu as Nakoruru from Samurai Spirits
8. Your favorite cosplay ?
A very difficult question. SNK characters are cute and very unique. I think that Nakoruru suits me perfectly because I look like a Japanese person. The 98′ costume of Athena is cool and I used to wear it for a long time.
I think that there are many people who have strong memory of her in this outfit.
Actually I’d like to try a lot of them. Everyone, what kind of costume do you think would suit you?
9. How your fans can contact you ?
Please give me a DM when you follow me on Twitter. My friends likes videogames and we will follow each other.
You can also contact me with LINE @ where you can also check my music activities in Japan.
I reply to Twitter comments as much as possible.
Please feel free to become my friend (• ? •)
10. Tell us about your future plans, what we can expect ?
I have plenty of things I like to do. Game, music, Special Scratch MAKE-UP ( horror makeup ), cosplayer … perhaps I think that my activities will increase soon.
I hope someday my special skills will be useful in the videogames.
I really want to become a game character! I can not do it ( laughing )


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