How to unlock DJ Station KOFXV

Here are all the team combinations if you want to know how to unlock all the music and gallery pics in the King of Fighters XV.  Some of these are really random, so don’t feel bad for giving up!

  • KOF 94 is already unlocked
  • KOF’95 = Terry, Vanessa, Dolores
  • KOF’96 = Mai, Luong, Chizuru
  • KOF’97 = Shun’ei, Leona, Iori
  • KOF’98 = Benimaru, Robert, Yashiro
  • KOF’99 = Meitenkun, Kula, Chris
  • KOF2000 = Ramón, Ángel, Dinosaur
  • KOF2001 = Ryo, Krohnen, Ángel
  • KOF2002 = Dolores, Dinosaur, Clark
  • KOF2003 = Yuri, Athena, Isla
  • KOFXI = Isla, K’, Krohnen
  • KOFXII = Kyo, K’, Ash
  • KOFXIII = Elisabeth, King, Shermie
  • Fatal Fury = Terry, Andy, Shunlei
  • Samurai Shodown =  Ralf, Maxima, Antonov
  • Metal Slug = Ralf, Clark, Heidern
  • NEOGEO ETC = Terry, Ryo, Kyo
  • SNK ETC = Ralf, Clark, Athena

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