How to get the character I want in KOFALLSTAR

  1. Buy summon packs
  2. Step up line up
  3. Infinite reroll ticket
  4. Guaranteed pickup from event

1. Summon Packs

Buy summon packs. Waste your money, probably get nothing, but sleep well knowing you are supporting the company! Yay!

2. Step Up

If your character is in the weekly line up, you will definitely get at least ONE of them if you spend all the rubies on THAT page by the end of the steps.  You MUST do this by the end of the week.  It will cost 4000 rubies by the end, and that IS with a discount.  What they don’t tell you is that step 3 and 5 cost 1000 rubies each but the total when finished is 4K.

It’s 900 rubies to summons 10 times x 6 steps = 5400 rubies, and nothing is guaranteed.  With the discount that’s 4000, and it’s guaranteed.  Good deal if you like those characters, which are usually 5 star.

3. Infinite Reroll

Players starting get an infinite reroll, but the characters to get are from a specific set, so I hope you want one of these.  Just press the check button on top right to see the list.  You can see my video and the list below.  I recommend any of the 5 star but especially Kyo 96, Mai 95, King 94 and Kyo 95.

4. Guaranteed Event Pickup

The game will let you have the one character you really really want from the event banner, if you grind like crazy and keep spending your rubies on summons x10 (one summon will not count), and reach the goal before the event ends. You will need to spend like mad.  Not sure how much the total is, but you can see the total amount of summons needed in the bottom right corner. The average is 200 with “god tier” characters costing 300.  900 rubies will give 10 “pulls” so you’ll need about 27000 rubies….?!

If you play the hell out of this game and do not spend rubies on ANYTHING else, it is definitely possible to get your pick for free.  Beware that story mode doesn’t have infinite rubies… you may want to wait instead…

Note: Buying and using a summon pack tickets will not count towards this. Spending rubies to summon 10 does.  If you want a character from an event, it’s actually better to buy ruby packs rather than summon tickets.

You can see how far you have progressed for the guaranteed pick up, every time you summon.

Do not believe the tickets that are labelled “pick up”, they only give you a higher chance for a specific event character, as opposed to the common 3 star + summon ticket, which will give you from the usual line up. If the ticket says “Selector” then you can get excited because it will let you choose.  In fact it will let you see the options before you even confirm it.

eg: Goenitz pack gives you 0.3% chance! Woot… but it still works

You can see here exactly what low chances you have to get this character but note that other games have an even lower percentage! Also you can see on the bottom left how many summons before you get a reward for trying. Here it’s 18 (you can do that with the discount of x10 for 900 rubies x2)

Also note the game will take pity on you if you have not won anything yet and will increase a drop rate for you for SOMETHING.

6% to get a 5 star fighter but .3% to get Goenitz… okay…

Thanks to drulyb for the meter tip!

Thanks to A10machine for the maths!


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