Epic Quest

Phew finally updated: 18 April

The Epic Quest is another game within the game.  It has its own system of statistics that you need to build with several characters you can collect, the first four of the seven deadly sins for chapter 0:  Envy Mary, Greed Rugal, Wrath Chizuru, Mecha Goenitz then for Chapter 1: False Ordeal Saisyu, False Conspiracy Yashiro and False Advent Orochi.

As you are surely used to it by now, you need to keep doing lower level quests and get points until you are strong enough to clear the boss.  The boss will appear a few times, changing form or just getting stronger and stronger.

if you grind, you’ll get strong enough to collect them all, a load of cash, and many capsules and rewards!


There are two layers of levels, episode level (aka stat buff) which is split into ATTACK, DEFENSE and HITPOINTS which goes up to 99, each.  Then we have chapter level (aka strat level) which maxes at 20.  These increase your abilities only for epic quest, they do not affect your characters in the main game.

As you fight through episode 0, you will build your level which remains for the whole episode, but each chapter has its own level to build.  Generally you’ll need to reach stat buff level 50 for the Episode and Strat level 5 for each chapter to clear it… but you might find some exploits, so keep reading ^^

Vallacondios reported completing EQ chapter 0 while on 56 buff lvl and 10 for strat with chiz being 18.

Daily Quests: IMPORTANT!

For each chapter there are daily quests, you should do these every day because they give a much bigger bonus than just doing one.  Epic Quest cannot be done in a day, maybe one chapter in a week!  Even when you have completed all the bosses, do the dailies for each one to prepare yourself for the FINAL.

Episode 0

Chapter 1: Envy Mary

Pre-requisite: level 60 Blue Character with all cores

1. beat Crazy Mary Boss at end of chapter 1

Your character should be blue element level 60 with all available cores to beat Blue Mary but it’s not necessary. Kyo or Terry 96 at level 80 should be fine. If you got the manual skills and the time, anything can work.  Standing top right can avoid most of the attacks.

If you cannot do this, keep grinding earlier levels to build your stats and chapter stats.

2. Farm Crazy Mary till your epic levels ( atk / def etc) are 3.  Or go to whatever chapter you can survive on auto with.

If you can beat the boss fast enough, you can acquire Envy Mary – Silver grade.  

Chapter 2 Rugal

Rugal isn’t too bad but his panthers can one-shot-kill you.  He is weak to yellow affinity.

It’s simply a matter of brute force, there is nothing special to worry about, Rugal will show his realy power in the final episode.

His final form is the same as in Time Trial

He swings fists, calls in a pillar of fire attack, two rectangles of attack, lanes of attack with rolling flames, and repeat. Roll through everything and keep hitting. When he’s weak he’ll call in minions to get in your way…

Chapter 3 Chizuru

Beating Chizuru will take some grinding.

When a team of Orochi Iori (88), Goenitz (87) and Kyo (87) is having difficulty getting past Chapter 6, you know this is tough.

Kyo 90, terry 70 and king was 66, with Kula card set maxed out. Chara level 5, epic buff level 9 were  finally able to do it.


Chizuru’s weakness is bleed.  Andy 98 will give you a 40% bleed bonus!  If you also have Mature 96, this makes the quest much easier.  Players who got her from the festival just need to put Andy as leader and then switch to Mature.  You do not need to level up Andy at all, you just put him as Leader.  If you really want to destroy Chizuru, you max out Andy and Mature. This is really the best solution, time is precious, we will need to grind Chizuru every day, so it’s best to get strong and then relax after.

Chapter 3.7

Shingo comes back and honestly he’s harder than Kyo in the next chapter.  He will batter you if you don’t roll. Use Jin classic and your best greens.  Shingo is ridiculous.  It took a classic Jin (level 80 with cores) to beat him – really because when Shingo gets super armour, it’s such a pain.

Chapter 3.8 Revenge II

Kyo comes in, and he’s tough.  Jin classic can stun him with electricity and sail through.

Chapter 3.9 Master of disturbance

Iori Yagami 98.  Hope you got a strong yellow…

Chapter 3.11 Endless Remorse

Chizuru gets annoyed… Now it’s time for that bleed damage.

3.12 Repressed Demon of Fury Chizuru

Here the game demands a very specific skill to beat the boss, in this case, it’s bleed.


  • Green characters x3
  • Andy 98 (if you have two strong greens, you can just use him for his leader skill)
  • Mature 96 maxed out, max cores, +80 minimal buffs
  • Jin Classic level 80+
  • Chapter Buff level 4
  • Stats buff level 12

Andy, Mature have bleed and Jin just has invincibility to keep hitting. If you have a Samurai Shodown character, they will be excellent.  There are also some option cards that have bleed skills/ buffs.

You generally need to roll between her claws and tornados and then when she does her super attack, do a super or tag out. Rinse and repeat till she falls over.

video has Stat Attack Buff level 20!  Keep grinding!

Chapter 4 Mecha Goenitz

Now the game gets very specific in its demands, you’ll need certain characters otherwise again, super brute high level force is the only way to pass.

  • Leader Skill: Critical Boost: Kim 98
  • Striker with Stun: Heavy D, O.Shermie
  • Your strongest Red
  • A Yellow with a super that can hit a large area, a balanced type would be perfect

While he is normal size, roll behind his special attacks, hit him in the back. He is vulnerable to critical hits.

Hit him enough, he’ll go into berserk mode, when is vulnerable to balance type fighters.

When he goes for his super attack, the screen will go dark, call your striker to stun him. Or you could do a super or tag out at the moment the the shockwave comes out.

After you stun him, he’ll call in a big tornado, keep moving, and save your super for when there are minions everywhere.

Beat him up then he’ll retreat to heal himself, here is where you call in your red to destroy the machine, nothing else will work!

The tricky part is running around avoiding the minions and hurricanes.  Keep rolling behind him to attack and hop into the background to avoid his super dash.

Then watch for the message that says he is vulnerable to critical and you can go ham.

Kazuya is good too


Low Cost Quests

Vallacondios recommends the following:

kim 96 for 5-1

kim 98 for 5-2 and 5-4

andy 95 for 5-3

They used recovery strikers eg joe 96 and benimaru 96 for 5-1 and 5-3

After you beat all the bosses, you need to go through the quests to get the goodies, such as tickets to unlock the final chapter and collecting the characters themselves.  More quests will unlock as you complete them!  Keep doing the daily quests!

FINAL Chapter (of Episode 0)

Now the bosses return for a mega shodown

Envy Mary

Envy Mary is no joke now, her laser beams will reduce your attack and slow you down, but there is a glitch that can help you!

Get your strongest blues together, there’s no special skill required, go for attack up strikers if you have them (Rugal, H.Shermie, Vanessa etc)

Greed Rugal

He’s the same as before but now he has a super attack.

He swings fists, calls in a pillar of fire attack, two rectangles of attack, lanes of attack with rolling flames, then he’ll charge up for a huge laser, in this time there is a damage counter, so you need to hit him with your hardest attacks and super.  Then he’ll crumble, allowing you to hit again.  Then he’ll repeat the process, albeit with minions to get in your way…

Mecha Goenitz

he’s the same as before, just stronger, nothing special.

Episode 1

You’ll find in this episode opponents that will go into rage mode when low on health and then just storm through any attacks you have and demolish you.  The key is to save your supers of your three characters and then unleash them.  Either that or go toe to toe and hope your healing striker can replenish enough.  Then run away till you can attack with specials again (projectiles are great here)!  Certain characters will lose their rage after a while.

Chapter 1 False Saisyu

Out of all the bosses, he’s probably the hardest.

You need a strict set of characters and they are often FES.

  • Andy 94
  • Swimsuit Mai
  • Any characters with burn reduction
  • Halloween Yashiro or Takuma 98 as striker
  • Healing strikers

Andy 94 is selected for his burn reduction leadership skill.  Swimsuit Mai has the unique skill of granting burn immunity.  As you may guess your biggest problem in this fight is surviving the burn.

The first thing is to let Saisyu hit you and use your emergency evasion.  This will start burning you but it’s actually the best situation.  If you hit Saisyu before getting burned, you will get the counter hit burn and this inflicts much more damage.

While you are burning, let him approach and do his attacks.  If you can find an opening inbetween or use super armour, great.

After hitting him a few times he will call minions. They are just as annoying as Saisyu, who will probably jump to the sides and throw fireballs down the lanes as you’re trying to avoid them, to make things worse.

For each minion you do not defeat, they will fade away and build his rage bar.  When his rage bar is full, he will attack you with his super and it is unblockable.

The glitch here is to wait for the minions to float away and call your stunning striker, this will cause them to freeze, and you can focus on Saisyu.  Getting the timing can be pretty tough, but after that, with healing strikers, finishing this quest is much more doable.

Chapter 2: False Conspiracy Yashiro

After Saisyu, he’s quite simple. And if you were lucky to reach him in April, he was glitched and wouldn’t fight back!

Yashiro will attack with strong hits that you can roll behind or use super armour to break through.

Yashiro is neutral so you can attack with any characters you like however if he flashes your colour then do not touch him as you will get reverse damage.

When you knock him down, he’ll wake up with super armour so stay away or use your own, or cancel his with a super move.

He has a gauge above his head, same as before, but I’m not sure what triggers it- you can lower it with certain attacks- but if you let it get to full, you’ll eat a massive super attack…

At around bar 13 a timer will appear over his head, you need to hit him with a super or he’ll call minions with an attack from the sky.

With 6 bars left, he’ll go into range so I hope you saved all your supers to knock him out…

If he hits you, tag out!  If he grabs you and you see a timer, tag or mash the button to daze him!

Chapter 3 False Advent Orochi

You’ll need to beat Rakshasa 2 times to get the three sacred treasure cards, and then you can do it every day to get more to max them and use them for other stuffs.

False Orochi is terrible, his weakness is super armour, so if you don’t have at least Brian… good luck…

Ultimately you can brute force, make sure you grind, that’s the key! Do the dailies or any quest that is quick!

I was grinding Rakshaasa on auto finally…

Final Chapter …

They are all the same, just stronger.  I didn’t see any new special attacks.  If your buff level is high enough, it’s no problem… done here with level 80

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