Each week, KOF ALL STAR gives you an element boss to fight, on rotation.


  • RED Arms Black
  • GREEN Alexandrite
  • YELLOW Steely Puncher
  • PURPLE Lucia Pierna
  • BLUE Mighty Most

If you check the battle tab > event quest you’ll find them there. The rewards are souls, different per difficulty and different every week. If you complete one match of easy, the next difficulty will unlock, and so on. The lower difficulties will give you character souls while the hardest difficulty will give you element souls that you can use for any character of that Element, making this boss a valuable resource, as long as you can defeat them. Here are some tips.

Arms Black

You’ll need blue. Appearing at the start of the game, many found it tough unless they were lucky enough to get Kyo95 or another 5 star blue element. Based on the heavy puncher boss types, try to roll as soon as you see the floor turn red.


Use your red element for the leverage. Notice the red strip on the floor and walk out or roll behind him. At one point he will go for a power up and his shards will revolve around him. That’s the time to smash him as quickly as possible, if you get enough hits here he will be stunned, allowing you to finish him off.

Steely Puncher

You’ll need green. If you’re not good at rolling and don’t have a level to match her, she’s actually hard. She’ll drop punches from the sky, thump you in the stomach, and grab you for big damage.

At the start she often rolls so don’t throw out your super immediately. You’ll see a little flash on her body before she does any of her attack moves so keep an eye on her. She also likes to run away.

The stun window is actually when she grabs you by the head. Here you can rapidly press the button and, if you break out, she’ll be dizzy.


Lucia Pierna

You’ll need Yellow. Easier than Steely, she’s based on the ankle knife bosses, and has similar attacks . Watch for her flash, she’s about to teleport behind you and come down with a kick. She has a multi hit kick that you don’t want to be on the receiving end of, and near KO she’ll do some more explosive moves. With a level 74 Yellow Element (with cores), you can leave the CPU on Auto to deal with her.

Mighty Most

Coming soon, but you’ll need purple.


If a boss is supplying the color for your main, then you need to hit it hard every day 3 times to get those souls, only from Lunatic Level. It even might supply the soul dust directly.

For example Alexandrite hard difficulty rewards you with 97 Robert souls. Expert level difficulty reward is colour souls of a particular colour so you can use it for any of your matching color fighter. Expert difficulty is limited to 3 a day.  Some characters you can ONLY get soul dust from these events, so don’t miss them- but don’t panic, remember it’s not the only way to limit break, and this boss will return in four weeks…


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