Open till 1am. Woo!

This is where the team battles take place every 2 Saturdays. Tons of games crammed into the 3rd floor. KOF, ST, Shooters etc.

Most are on CRT, therefore lagless, and a credit is 50 yen. So all the pros and cheapos come here.

To make sure of event dates, the tournament guy to get in touch with is Shoki (if you can speak Japanese).



In short, come out of the gates and turn right to go through a little tunnel/underpass.

You should come out to a junction where going left will lead you to the main road. ┬áDon’t go left.

Turn RIGHT. Walk straight and take the 2nd left.

Walk a little and it’ll be on your right hand side.


nishinippori02 nishinippori03

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