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Directions: middle of the strip, next to Toranoa comics.

Animate (pronounced Anima-tey) has three towers: Akiba, Ikebukuro and Osaka. The brand is so famous, it can be often found in anime series, especially if the scene takes place in Akihabara.

If you’re looking for cheap pre owned stuff, go elsewhere, only brand new stuff can be found here. Brand new, and exclusive. Customers often pre order items and come to pick them up.

At the time, the full size Rei and Ram (not the chibi) figures were being pre ordered, and even these can sell out.

It’s best advised to queue and take the lift, then walk down the stairs to each floor.

If you like pens, folders, face towels, key chains and various useless but pretty things, it’s highly recommended. Much of the stuff won’t be found anywhere else (even at Ami Ami), although you might get lucky with K books and some stores in Ikebukuro, but those will be 2nd hand…

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