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Ami Ami

  • New
  • Used – top quality
  • Boxed
  • Accessories / Stationery
  • New Popular Mainstream
  • Ecchi
  • Some Medium Rare items

Directions: coming from Akihabara you’ll have to turn left to find it, you may be able to see Yellow Submarine if you look to the top of buildings.  (Photo) From Souhirochou you can see the store as you reach Belle Salle Plaza with Akiba Zone on the right.

The famous online store has grown to the extent where they took over Liberty’s floors!

The two floors are fresh and clean and contain the latest goods plus second hand items, including items not listed online…. Due to their reputation it was full of tourists scooping up the latest goods that you might not find in animate… in fact this was certainly a special place to find some Yuri on Ice goods (Animate had either sold out or just didn’t have the same range).  Checking the website, the stock wasn’t even listed there (at least in the English section).

Also spotted some rarer figures such as KOF2002 Vanessa and small selection of various chibi figures.  Some ecchi figures such as Prison High School and others.

Their display cabinet is super fresh and full of the latest figures all looking pretty amazing – check out the gallery below!

Archives of previous trips can found at the bottom of this page

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