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(Game listed are examples where you can see it in action)

Game modes

  • Arcade mode
  • Story mode
  • 1vs1 (KOF)
  • Team Elimination battle
  • Party mode
  • Survival
  • Training
  • Online lobbies

Awards for

  • hosting rooms
  • completing trials
  • completing challenges
  • finding story paths

Party Battle

  • 1 player can substitute to make a full team (so 5 players don’t have to wait for a 6th, for example)


  • Training mode while waiting
  • Search mode has no region selection, it just lists nearest in order
  • Series mode has a limit
  • Spectators can cheer (KOF14)

Training mode

  • Be able to change characters without leaving mode (samurai shodown 5s)
  • Programmable dummy (Kof14)
  • Frame data
  • Hit boxes (or should we learn without?)


  • Costume Colours
  • Gallery
  • Avatars (snkheroines)
  • Titles
  • Sub titles
  • Badges
  • Colours for accessories eg. Swords or hair
  • Score based boss unlocks and endings (KOF13)
  • Edit team ending artwork (KOF98)

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