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Ladies and gentleman please welcome a cool girl from Argentina! An artist and SNK lover. Artiko is more than happy to introduce you to a talented artist … here is Maku!!!
1. How did you get to know The King of Fighters ?
My mom used to take me and my brothers to the arcade and KOF 2002 was somewhere in  a corner, near SVC and MvC, I remember seeing it but never playing it there. I first became fully aware of the game when I was around 9 years old, dad got me and my brother a MAME cd with lots of games, and some KOFs were there (94-98) but they wouldn’t load. One time I got back from Religious Education classes and my brother made 97 work so that’s when I understood what KOF truly was, I’ve been playing it since then and no need to think about it that much, but 97 is my absolute fav.
Maku in a cool victory pose
2. Your favorite team of all time ?
The 97 Special Team, of course.
3. What you think about KOF XIV ?
I absolutely love it, but I felt weird about at first because of the leaked character list, which spoiled the fun of discovering what new things SNK had planned for us. When the first trailer dropped (with no leaked list yet, if I remember right) I had pulled an all nighter lol and was just going to sleep when I got the youtube notification and I was like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The prettiest 144p video I’ve ever seen. I look back now and can see the game didn’t look that good, but it didn’t matter to me.
4. Do you have any other favourite SNK games ?
Real Bout Fatal Fury Special and Last Blade 2!


Maku’s artwork. She loves Billy!


5. What you think about the fighting games community ?
I just discovered it a few years ago, maybe when KOF XIV trailers started because I wasn’t aware other people went out and played tournaments and wrote notes about games, so I feel pretty much behind it, but I’m grateful for the friends I made because of it, as well as amazing artists that do mostly fighting game fanart. There’s mean people and some weird ones, just like there are weirdos at arcades that would spam infinite combos or try to kick you off the cabinet. I avoid that kind of thing when possible and report disrespectful people, we don’t need that shit.
6. If you had to choose only 1 super power, what would it be ?
Time stop so I can sleep more. Two /three naps per day arent enough sometimes.
7. What about the next Samurai Spirits, what you think ? 
I didn’t want it to be samsho lol not gonna lie, and I remained slightly upset because of Nakoruru making it to XIV before my favs, like I blocked the game a bit, and I had no interest in a new one (maybe because I’m more of a Last Blade person too) but some friends enjoy it and I’m happy they got the game they wanted, and it also looks pretty good and we got unreal engine blood so I’m looking forward to it. It’s not MOTW2 or XV but it’s going to be fun and now that I’m able to, I want to support SNK in every way I can so of course I’m buying it.

Maku’s artwork
8.  What is your favorite food/drink ?
Fuckinnnnnnnnn milanesas with pasta on a side and classic coke in glass bottle because it’s better that way. Also mom’s chicken lasagna but she only makes that on my birthday!
9. How your fans can contact you ?
Oh no I got no fans, only friends !! My Twitter is @rre09_ and that’s where I spend most of my time.
10. Tell us about your future plans, what we can expect ?
Small dream is to finish writing my fanfics and draw more KOF fanart, maybe turn one of my stories into a doujin. Big dream is hosting my very own KOF local where I live which I’ve been talking about for year and a half, I think. I posted it on fb with a joke name and some dude from local fgc told me he could lend me a hand when I get to do it, so we good there. I’d also like to make some KOF merch and open my store, but I’m so slow at drawing and designing things, and I’m not sure about suppliers times that the tournament might end up happening first, you never know!


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