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From Japan, a talented cosplayer joins ” The Queens of Fighters ” project! One of the most shining stars at the last EVO Japan, known for her work as Mui Mui, Alice and Loung … please welcome Asami!



1. How did you come to know about The King of Fighters ?

About six years ago, I learned about KOF 2002UM from the influence of my friend.




2. Your favorite team of all time ?

I like the “Another World” team of KOFXIV, Nakoruru, Mui Mui and Love Heart!



3. What you think about KOF XIV ?

It gave me a lot of things. I was able to know the fun of fighting games and I made many friends. Without this game, I wouldn’t have formed a community of female fans, helped with tournaments, or made an expedition abroad.



4. Do you have any other favorite SNK games ?

I’m playing SNK Heroines. Also, it’s only been released in Japan, but I’m also playing an app game called KIMIWA Hero.



5. What you think about the fighting games community ( FGC ) ?

It is a fun community where many people gather.  In addition to playing games, there are people who draw illustrations, cosplay, and make character dolls and goods!



6. Can you tell us about your passions ?

I’m passionate about cosplay. In particular, I like the cosplay of the characters who appeared in KOFXIV ! I want to liven up the community by participating in tournaments by cosplaying and helping out with events.



7. Favorite food ?

I love Takoyaki! You can make it yourself! I also like Chinese food such as gyoza and niku-man!


8. Your favorite cosplay so far ?

It’s between Muimui and Luong. Muimui is my favorite character and I will use it when playing versus. I had the hardest time making the costume for Luong. I also made all the flower patterns by hand. It took me about 14 hours just to do that work.


9. How can your fans contact you ?

You can contact me on Twitter and Instagram.



10. Tell us about your future plans, what we can expect ?

I am running a women’s party where only the women of KOF fans gather; every time many female fans are well received! In the future, I want to organize the event where a female fan can enjoy and  liven up the community. I want to make a lot of cosplay costumes. Next, I’m going to make Love Heart and Sylvie!



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