KOFXV Season 3 is CONFIRMED!!!!

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KOFXV Season 3 is CONFIRMED!!!!

   FGC News ,   June 10, 2024  No Comments

In the most casual way ever, after we discussed the amazing costs and impacts of summergamefest, Oda and Joshua gave an interview with Rooflemonger and PsychoWitch and dropped the bombshell that KOFXV will have a few more characters.  Perhaps not exactly a season 3, but the game development has certainly not ended!

If you want to hear the discussion about 250K being spent, watch below, but I’ll update this video later with a more brief summary.

The full interview is here with Rooflemonger :

Very busy so I’ll update the future plans for this site and stream later…. but for now, rejoice!!!! Fairly confident we will hear more at EVO USA.

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