Nothing to see here

We are once again in a situation where you can confirm a leak is real or just keep it quiet. 

When most of the community figures go silent, you know something is up.

The leak is out there but it’s not being reported by the familiar gaming press, another red flag. Not even your favourite YouTuber is talking about it. Why? Because we are convinced, and when are convinced a leak is a real leak and not some attempt to troll fans, it kills the whole series of character reveals dead in the water. Most of us don’t want that to happen. For content creators, it actually leads to less clicks lol

That may not change anything for the fan, or the fun to be had in actually playing the game. However, the discussion is over. The guessing is done. The silhouettes are a waste of time. Expectations are no longer shattered in the slightest. The hype reveal trailer videos are now 50% more fake. 


How did it happen?  The PS4 was recently jailbroken which allowed users to dig through game code. Players still had the KOFXV Beta on their consoles… et voila.


And so a video was released which covered the data that was found. What was very interesting was how apparently the KOF15 characters each have a designated number and name code and it builds on the code from KOF14. 


At this stage we had a blurry picture of a character we had suspected to appear, and we were still indecisive over its legitimacy. What came with the leak was the portrait art of that very same character which was obviously real and matched the photo.  


So we had to take notice of what else was being said. Oh, and there were two more artworks which confirmed the last two characters. And then it went through the dlc characters. And these matched the cryptic leak. And then it revealed the final team. 


At the same time, some of it still sounds like guess work. There are some missing code numbers and one character they can’t identify at all, which is something. 


If we wanted to remain skeptical we could say… actually we can’t say much at all. It’s very very convincing. But the fact that it’s convincing could be just that, a convincing ruse because it all makes so much sense. I can only hope it’s fake because right now I’m so depressed. The good thing is that most of the cast wasn’t leaked until now and I had some surprises on the way, so well done SNK and the people who kept their lips sealed for that long. The silhouettes were fun.


As I ran straight over to read everything and then watch videos, even as I knew I was killing my own hype, I just couldn’t stop myself. So if you really want to know, and ruin things for yourself too, you can run a simple search on YouTube.


Just to bear in mind, there’s still a chance it’s all fake (like 0.98%). But everytime SNK posts a trailer, there will be a number of fans commenting something like “yeah we knew” or “zzzzz old news” etc. On the other hand, we can still comment on the graphics, the gameplay etc so it’s not all doom and gloom… 


Blaming people is also fun but how many of us could actually keep a secret? Imagine what it’s like knowing how to open up folders of the KOFXV beta, are you saying you wouldn’t look? It’s funny that as we keep quiet we are only confirming the leak even more. And nothing is confirmed until the last character is revealed. Or rather, last team. 


So right now there are YouTubers telling everyone and I’m like, so what difference does it make in the end? Why don’t all the SNK community sites publish it?

Well, it’s just a little damage control, a little attempt to slap on some sealant before the leak fully explodes. Or maybe they are just preparing it as we speak.


It’s a weird position to be in, because only the fans come here so you probably don’t mind being leaked right? 


Nahhhhhhhh I’m not gonna be the one to ruin it for you