The ON Show Podcast Nov 2018

NOTE: I didn’t have the data in front of me when I made the podcast, BBTAG sales were more than SNKH!


1. Switch KOFXIV?

2. Samurai Showdown system too deep?

3. Easy systems vs sales

4. SNKH at Level Up

5. Politics with a lot of rambling inbetween.

Sorry for the sniffling, I have a cold.

Here’s the link I was talking about, covers sales from 2015-2018, note that it’s console sales for Japan only, not including digital, so don’t take it as the holy grail of proof for whatever, but it’s a good indicator. Thanks to HiFightTH for bringing it to my attention!

  1. Arms
  2. Pokken
  3. Dbfz
  4. Tekken7
  5. SFV
  6. One piece
  7. My Hero Academia
  9. BBCF
  10. GGXRD
  11. DOA5LR
  12. SC6
  13. SF2 Final Challengers
  14. BB CPE
  15. BB TAG
  16. GXRDRev2
  17. BloodAxe Shining EX
  18. SNK Heroines
  19. Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

I’ve omitted console specific sales.

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