The Press are Jumping on Marvel

2018 – The year that the Rolling Stone was posting that DBFZ was elbowing Marvel out of eSports.  The Rolling Stone. What the rolling fuck. Wasn’t that a music mag? I tried to remember when video games were still a niche. CVG, Edge, EGM, in the hobby magazines section. They and their horribly illustrated covers (bar Edge) were just for kids. But we’re all grown up now, with a bit of cash to spare, not having to beg our parents for an import famicom. The Rolling Stone was on the other side of the shelves, closer to the girly mags. I mean, the top shelf girly mags…

But today the big shitter is that Marvel won’t be part of EVO, crushing the dreams of many button bashing fans, who loved the game so much they dropped it immediately for Dragon Ball FighterZ. There are a few background details for how and why this happened, but today’s journalism isn’t about that, and this kind of eSports journalism certainly isn’t – it’s about portraying pain and suffering, for some average joe to quiver over, while pooping on the loo.

The article started off describing how a player seemed to have wasted their life training on the game as there would be no amazing cash prize, and tears and smiles through the tears, while pretending there was still hope, and no there wasn’t, because all talk leads people down various paths, because we’re all thoughtless sheep who go with the flow. Hopefully the game will still have DLC coming in, yeah sure, with no profit projection and DBZ having cleanly killed the online playerbase (on steam at least), Capcom will surely throw cash willy nilly at (Fox/Disney/whoever) and get the XMEN license to bring the players back. Yeah… right.

The article continues to explain EVO to the plebian; how DBZ works, how you throw people through a mountain, which certainly helps people who were wondering about Marvel (sic). And then to bury this poor game even more than it’s already dead, reporting how Richard Nguyen and Justin Wong are picking up DBZ over Marvel. Wong pips in to explain how Marvel only stayed an EVO title because the fans paid for it via a donation drive. Great stuff. EVO could do it again this year, if we ignore the fact that the level of Marvel’s active players dropped to ZERO on Steam.

Wow the writer then insinuates Capcom could be bungling up themselves into irrelevance. Perhaps they were unaware that Monster Hunter World broke 6 million in sales, and Capcom don’t have to give a rats ass about paying for any more B to D grade character licenses. One little swipe at DBZ as a “low-brow anime” and the article is over. But hey eSports is here, whatever the writer thinks, DBZ got exposure, EVO ditto, and Marvel errrr well no such thing as bad press eh.

No, you can’t have a link to the article. Trash like this doesn’t deserve linking.  Just keep an analytical mind when reading, look at what the piece is trying to do, imo, this one is just recycling some current tidbits using the keyword bait of “Marvel”, “dragonball” and “eSports”, showing the ‘suffering’ of players because there’s no news like bad news.  Does the writer want to help the scene grow?  Not with writing like this.

Now I’m supposed to be training for KOFXIV 3.0… but I need to get a Majestic Horn off Diabolos…. Just one more… dammit Capcom!

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