Players such as Xiao Hai, E.T., Dakou, Reynald, Luis Cha, Pako, M’, will be attending this up coming tournament: DEC 15-17 2017

This will be the first time these players meet again after EVO.  Pako knocked out M’ and of course ET defeated long time rival Xiaohai.  Will Reynald stop playing around and just beat all of them?  Dakou & Luis Cha will also be there to mix it all up!    DON’T MISS IT!

These players were invited to this prestigious tournament, that’s right, their flights were paid for!

Unfortunately White Ash could not compete due to VISA issues.

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Schedule – time zone “PST”
PST – Dec/15 Friday
6:30 pm – Opening Ceremony
7:00 pm – Samurai Shodown 2 TOP4
10:00 pm – Tekken 7 TOP8

PST – Dec/16 Saturday
1:00 am – KOF 14 TOP8
9:00 pm – KOF 98 TOP8

PST – Dec/17 Sunday
1:00 am KOF 97 TOP8

World E-Sports Legendary League (WELL is an invitational tournament that jointly organized and hosted by ZHITONGJIAHE, XIAOYOU Battle Arena, and SIGNSEE Culture . The up coming tournament will mark the beginning of a year long invitational tournament, which includes titles such as KOF14, KOF97, KOF98, Samurai Shodown 2, and Tekken 7.

The total prize pot for all five games will be around  $19,000 USD


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There will be international restreams of course ^^

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