So, obviously you’ve closed your eyes, blocked all the horrible tweets and youtubers who have gone to devious lengths to get a hold of the veritable illegal copy of KOFXIV, breaking the release date and your heart at the same time, surely, yes, surely, you’d think Atlus wouldn’t want to rub salt in your wounds by posting an unboxing video.




Here it is! Without any regard for feels, you’ll get to see what’s inside the unholy of unholies, which only the most premium fans (ie. those with moolah) can afford.

Those CDs, that artbook, that free skin!…  We hope you ordered yours!  USA Physical – The UK PSN link is here.  The US link is here.

Atlus’s witty writing aside, I’m not even gonna watch it, nope, I’m angry enough already at boss videos being leaked even though Oda himself asked the fans not to spoil it.  I’m so angry, I’m gonna buy myself a tshirt. — SKIP PAST THE VID FOR A SPECIAL OFFER!


Introducing ON-chan’s shirt!

So this week, where most people are on holiday, Spreadshirt have sprung upon us nearly a week of free shipping offers.  Okay so that’s just one offer spread over 4 days.  And you’ll probably miss it.  But hey, I have a little free time, so I’ve chopped down some prices and added a new shirt featuring the one and only ON|chan!  Designed and illustrated by Shichii, ON-chan shows her love for KOF through her various cosplay items, combined to make the super fan of fans!  Can you spot all the references?  She’s such a fan, she’s even a fan when she coughs……….

What? Shirt? YES! She’s on a shirt!

And we have a couple of new designs too!

Don’t wait till the last moment, get one now!! You could save up to $10 or even more, especially when ordering from abroad!  GET TO THE SHOP NOWWWWW before prices go back up!


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