We got a big read this time.  Expect this to keep you busy till Evo!

Mai in DOA5

First of all, this tweet appeared early yesterday by Dengeki Online.


The article also mentioned Kasumi Todoh, Hinako & Yuri, causing a bit of confusion.  Oda clarified that indeed, Mai Shiranui is a new character for DOA.  The others are just skins.

I’m guessing the skins are probably for Mai too. As you can see in the article, there are also costumes from Attack on Titan etc.

Japan Expo & KOF14

As you know we went to the signing with Oda, and had a little time for a coffee afterwards, but it was not a formal interview, as it was the end of a long weekend.  However, regarding questions, keep reading after the video.

The video below talks about our experience at Japan Expo, including public question time with Oda.  Some notes follow.


Some things I forgot to mention in the video:

Hein is very classy, smooth, and seems to have lower invincibility on his striking move (qcf P) so it seemed to punish sweeps quite well.    He has a Heidern/ Blue Mary type grab but it’s jump arc won’t allow it to connect at close range.  I’m fairly sure this move didn’t exist at Stunfest.  His short range fireball has a long start up, which was quite annoying, but it has a long active window, so will be good in frame trapping, perhaps.

Clark’s Climax is still as confusing as ever, still don’t know if you can block it at all, and his Running Three seems to have some invincibility.  The delayed longer range grab still seems useless, but I guess we just have to find the setup.

Playing the game is definitely more poking and footsies into max mode, rather than hopping like mad – the exceptions being Kyo & Iori, who have kept the same playstyle since forever.

If I could generalise: Many hardcore players hate the game on the first go, love it by the 3rd.  It didn’t help that the arcade setup had a laggy setup.

We spoke to Julien from Deep Silver FR, and there are discussions right now about events and support to come over the next few months, so more on that later.

Questions and Answers Part 1 of 2

Sometimes, we get some strange emails from people.  We get some bizarre requests, we get naked photos and invites to buy discounted medications.  We also get “leaked” information and “scoops” about KOF but this particular one I thought you’d like to read because some of it sounds … legit, or at least, reasonable.  Again, the anonymous person cannot be taken as legitimate, so take it with a grain as salt.  Still, they have taken the question list and answered all of them!  Here is the first half:

We understand that the next KOF and Samurai Shodown will be in 3D graphics. If you guys decide to bring back some of the other fighting game series (like Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting or Savage Reign/Kizuna Encounter for example), would it also be rendered in 3D graphics?

Yes.  We love 2D art but 3D is more easy to adapt.

Given that the main KOF series is going 3D now, does this mean the end to the MI series which was also in 3D? And if the MI series is not coming back, will its storyline ever be concluded in the main KOF series? I really want to play MI3.

There are no plans for MI3 right now.  If you like the story, please try KOF14, we are confident it has elements you will enjoy. For the moment we are focused on KOF14 and another famous SNK title.

You guys are developing the next KOF in 3D, but are there any chances in the future that a KOF will ever get developed in 2D again? It’s a little sad to think that we’ll never get to see SNKPlaymore’s high-quality 2D and pixel art again. Of course I’m looking forward to the new KOF, but it’d be great if you guys can continue to develop games in 2D as well. Thank you guys for giving us an opportunity to ask questions like this. Even if the interview doesn’t work out, it’s great that there’s still the chance to do so.

We could not give answers before because of marketing strategy. Please wait for big surprises with impact!

Since you guys are making the next KOF in 3D, are there any chances that you guys will work together with Capcom again, considering they’re also making games in 3D too? It’d be awesome if you guys can do another project like the CVS or SVC series.

There is always a possibility!

Are there any plans to bring Samurai Shodown or Last Blade characters into the KOF series?

We hope you will enjoy Nakoruru in KOF14!

As a part of the KOF 20th anniversary, are there any plans to release books/mooks or other merchandises?

We are working to produce goods, please stay tuned.

Are there any plans to add new characters to KOF13? (like Shroom or Sion?)

Development for KOF13 has ended.

Do you have any plans to release The Rhythm of Fighters on other platforms such as the PSVita?

Development for ROF has ended.

Do you have any plans to release a 2D KOF that’s like an all-star compilation using graphics from KOF94-XI?

We have a line up of new titles plus ports of classics.  A new all star game would require development time which we would prefer to use on our new titles, for the moment.  We could see stars from other titles in future KOF titles.

Does SNK plan to bring more titles to Steam?


What about original titles?


Will we see titles such as MOBA coming to the West?

That is up to the developer, not SNK.

Will we see original titles for mobile?


How does a company benefit from a free to play application?

In app purchases and ad revenue.

How many downloads does Metal Slug Defense have now?

More than 29 million

Due to the success of MSD, will SNK concentrate more on mobile apps?

Please try Metal Slug Attack!  It is improved and has new features and KOF characters!

Does that mean less fighting games on consoles/pc?

No! We are very focused on fighting games.

How did the pricing change affect ROF’s “downloads”?

I don’t have access to that data.

SNK seems to put a lot of resources into their pachinko titles, will this continue?

Pachinko development has ended.

What are the company’s most popular products right now?

Metal Slug Defense and Metal Slug Attack is increasing in popularity!

Which of these markets look interesting to SNK right now? Pachinko/Mobile/Console/Arcade/PC/Toys/Anime – is there anything else?

We are focused on console and mobile.  We hope to expand with new partnerships in many others!

We understand production of arcade units, especially with patching, is prohibitively expensive. With other companies slowly withdrawing from the arcade sector, what is SNK’s position? (continue to support or not?)

We are focused on console but our roots are in the Arcade sector so it is a sad time. We would like to do something, if possible.

What do you think about Nesica live – is it a blessing or a curse for the arcade industry?

We hope it will bring life to the arcades!

We’ve seen many cross-overs in other types of games such as Lord of Vermillion, are there any more you can tell us about?

Please stay tuned.  There are big titles that will feature SNK characters, but we cannot reveal their marketing strategy.

Are there any plans for a Crystalis sequel or reboot and if so will there be any KoF Characters involved?

We have to analyse the market and see a demand, first of all.

Are there any cross-over titles coming that we might be able to play?

Please stay tuned

Will there be more games for PSN NeoGeo Station?

There are more titles coming for PS4!

When are we getting a new SAMURAI SHODOWN??

Please stay tuned for an announcement on one of our biggest titles!

What made SNK decide to use 3D when Maximum Impact was discontinued?

The possibilities with 3D were clearly more than with 2D.

Some people say Maximum Impact was a failure but others say it sold very well in the states, can you confirm this?

Maximum Impact was a high selling title!  The sequels were not as successful.

Is Ash really gone forever?

Depends on the producer.

Is Athena going to… you know…. go on a diet?

Athena was designed for a trend.  She will follow that trend.

Will we have a dream match?

If KOF14 is a success, we can have all kinds of possibilities.

Will there be a crossover guest team in next KOF?


Which characters would YOU like to see back this new title?

Marco Rodriguez

Have you thought about adding the Rage of the Dragon roster to KoF?

It’s interesting.

Is the original Fatal Fury series finished?

We want to work on all our titles!  We hope they will never finish!

Are there any plans for Garou 2, CVS3, SVC2 or even another Metal Slug?

Yes, we have many plans, stay tuned!  Please support us with KOF14 and we will be able to make more great titles!

Will you develop new games from now on PS4 / XB1?


Will you re-release older titles on new platforms such as PS4 and Steam?


There used to be lots of SNK merchandise such as pens, tshirts, key holders – is there a possibility of merchandise that overseas fans can purchase?

We are working with companies right now. Please stay tuned.

So kof has hit 20 years, what is SNK hoping to achieve or strive to do to make kof successful next few years?

We want KOF to be enjoyed by new and old players with a great party mode.  We want to be a leader in the console, pc and mobile market.  Please support us!

Are they developing kof games now so it caters to tournaments and the like? 

Esports is still new but we are looking at opportunities.  We are focused on the game first, please be patient with us, but we are in contact with communities to see what we can do in the future.

Will we ever see fan favorite characters like Oswald or MI characters make it in future kof games?

There are many characters that we also want to see!  Again, we can’t reveal plans now.  Strategy is important.

Will we see any more complex characters like Angel / Juhn/ May Lee or do you think games are more popular with simple controls and movesets?

Angel and Ramon are quite the same.  Fans will enjoy the same system and if they want a more easy character, we have 48 more!

What do you think of games with the auto combo function?

It’s good for beginner players.  We have the same feature in KOF14.

Will there be beta test periods in future steam titles from SNK, like we had for like for XIII? We enjoyed giving feedback and helping the company.

Yes, when possible.

Will fighting game netplay developers ever fix side advantage?

We will try our best to make online play comfortable for all players!

Will 98FE and 2k2UM on steam have netplay? We’ve seen classic games being released without online functionality so we are a bit worried.


Will the 2002UM version for Steam be based on the Tougeki version?


Three people have asked about KOFXI. That’s not a lot, but it’s still a reflection of the total fanbase – which older KOF would YOU like to bring to Steam or Console?


We heard Kukino-san is back with the company, is he working on the new KOF?

He is not currently with us.

Who is the woman/nun in this illustration? http://www.garou15th.com/gallery/gallery3.php?num=5
Is it Geese’s mother?

You should ask Shinkirou!

Why did snkp remove the feature of Changing BGM before the start of the match from kof13 1.1 to kof13 Climax?

Maybe it’s better to ask Masa.

Are the days of NeoGeo DJ Stations/Drama CDs over or are there any plans to release new material?

We want to bring all of these things back!  We need your support!

Could we look forward to KOF end of year events in the future?

With great success, all these things are possible!

Any chances of releasing remastered versions of NGPC games (a couple of extra colors) or a joypad based on its clicky stick?

Not currently.  But possibly on mobile in the future.  We are interested in feedback like this.

Can we ever expect translations/rereleases of older console games like FFRB Dominated Mind, Koidelka, or FF Wild Ambition?

Steam is a great platform for our re-releases and PS4 will also see more.

Will there ever be a non-NeoGeo version of SS5 Special? It’s respected, but mostly unavailable to fans and the curious…

We released this via Humble Bundle, we hope you purchased it!

End of Part 1


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