ONTV Streaming now, Climax Bout Part 2
So we’ll continue where we left off and commentate on the rest of the tournament.

Watch live video from Gunsmith_ON on www.twitch.tv


The next pit stop for KOFXIV has been announced and it’s Combo Breaker.

Keep an eye on the latest updates to the schedule to keep track of KOFXIV Events happening around the world!

Hypespotting V Replays

FINALLY we get to see what happened, as none of it was streamed.

Featuring that controversial moment at 3:09 when Atma was fighting Luffy with a 2nd character full life Karate about to take on Luffy’s anchor Vice…. things were looking quite rosy then…. Zrrrrk-  the disc became unreadable.

I’m fairly sure we all know not to move or worse, tilt an xbox while it’s running, but to be absolutely honest I had no idea you couldn’t move an xbox with a disc inside – even if OFF.  Well, that was the explanation for the fault, the game was reset, with Luffy not making the same mistakes and winning.  Atma was rightfully salty about this and even Luffy apologised for it.

Check it out for yourself right here!  Thanks to Mr Barclay!

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