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Nemo’s Stream

For those who missed it, I purchased a Nico premium account. Not really necessary as Gato Ray uploaded the whole thing afterwards.
A Nico premium account is $5 a month and seems to be better quality than the rips. Not by much, however.
Nemo went through the 9 characters and showed combos he learned and attack patterns etc.
The original Nico link is here and will remain online for 7 days. After that it gets deleted.
For those who don’t want to go through the whole thing, I uploaded the casual matches and two interesting clips.



Commentating over the clip is the best way to avoid getting a copyright warning from Nico.
The full stream can be watched here, courtesy of Gato Ray, unless he gets a request to remove it…


The NewComers Part 11

Were you impressed with the new characters from the 11th Trailer, Mui Mui and Kukri?  My reaction is below.

? MUI MUI The main character of the popular “Dragon Girl” pachislot series is a pretty little girl, always full of energy. This expert in kung-fu and last descendant of an ancient dragon lineage is going on a long journey in “KOF XIV” in search of a secret treasure containing an extraordinary power.

? KUKRI Mysterious fighter working in the shadows for a secret society, Kukri fights off his opponents with atypical movements and powers of the sand! He is also one of the members officially invited by the organizer of the KOF XIV tournament.

Gunsmith’s Reaction to the 11th Trailer

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Thanks to SNK as always.


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