First batch of #kofxiv videos from Hong Kong

ON forum user Penpen posted these and here are his impressions:

Welp, I can’t seem to access the Orochinagi forum threads and I can’t remember my old password when ON was down and I registered here (I even forgot the e-mail so that account is pretty dead now). So I had to register a new account – this is PenPen from Orochinagi, by the way (and yes, I was the one who uploaded the KOF XIII HK loketests).

So uh, I went to the C3 show (with anime/games/figures and wahtnot) and took a few videos secretly, but not many of the Sony Playstation people really cared, and there wasn’t a lot of people playing. So the match quality was kind of poor. The kiosk doesn’t have any sticks for us so people had to use the gamepad (I suck with the pad).

Overall I think the game plays pretty well for now, and Robert, King and Billy are playable. I got into Max mode a few times but only managed to do some SDMs, but haven’t tried them out enough. Obviously graphics is not the strong suit of this game, at this point. It plays smooth, and plays decently well for me, but needs some getting used to as I’m not hitting sprites anymore. I can’t describe it well…it’s kinda like an adjustment that I had to go through with the old KOF sprites to KOF XII/XIII transition. And some animation changes with the 3D models versus the sprites that I needed to get used to. Speaking of animations, all female characters have boob jiggles. I can’t hear if there’s any music.

Robert feels like a mix of old and new, I’d say mostly from stuff in KOF XIII, but his spinny kick is the KOF 98 version instead of his XIII version. His f+A goes a bit farther than you are usually used with.

King is pretty simple. No air fireballs this time, but you can still cancel light attacks into her slide, into Tornado Kick. She also his her qcbx2+K super from 98.

Billy felt very much like his KOF XIII version. Moves are almost exactly the same to me versus XIII.

As for others, I tried out Kyo mostly, some Kula, Robert, Billy, maybe a game of Iori, King, and Chang.

Also videos! I had some videos taken as said above. Unfortunately my phone would almost set itself on fire after some extended recording, but the quality of the players there wasn’t all that impressive, so it’s not really good. Anyway, here they are.

The whole show itself was something that I wasn’t interested in. So eh, left after I got around 2 hours in there. Got to play a round of SF V though.

I really don’t see myself going there to record more though – so that would be all I would have.

More discussion here:

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