But if you listen closely, you’ll know that it’s NOT





This trailer is CHOCKABLOCK full of stuff!!! You’ll see much better renders of the characters, plus K’, Maxima, Clark, Orlando Bl- er, Robert and Clark.

Did you see:

  • Terry’s new outfit! New hat and jacket! New slogans!
  • Maxima’s new armour
  • Benimaru’s writing in lightning
  • Ralf walking through the flames
  • Dinosaur King’s Justice Hurricane ahem
  • Chang’s DM 2nd hit miss (just like 98)
  • Chang’s super that sends opponent out of the area 🙂
  • Terry’s “Get in the Ring” tribute to the Real Bout Series
  • Angel’s people’s elbow
  • Ralf retaining his combo gatling from XIII
  • Clark’s moves clearly animating like the wrestling moves they were supposed to be such as the Brain Buster.
  • Clark regains Running Three (why?) with a variation on the finish!
  • Clark has regained his running grab follow ups from KOF99
  • Billy has his aerial DM
  • Does Terry have the Power Charge???

You’ll see more animation for the moves… too much to say right now.  Enjoy!

Andy looks reallllly skinny though.  And they need to update the end segment with Iori and Kyo as these models have been tweaked since then…

There is also an update on Playstation Blog by Yasuyuki Oda which talks about the updates, new characters and developments.

In short:


  • They have revealed there will be more public testing across the globe at events.
  • 2 stages revealed including a derelict church, inspired by K’, perhaps where K’ and team are hiding out!
  • Acknowledgement that some characters have gone on a diet hahaha

Give it a read here.

More info later – get ready for the show in Hong Kong Feb 19!!!!!

Spotted by Nile Dragon first, with additional details on twitter by Gato Ray.


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Featuring SFV, KOF and others!

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The first stop on the CPT Tour 2016.

CWC [ Facebook Page ] – [ Website ]


…. more info soon

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Orochinagi: Tokyo, Japan

March 19 Shinjuku Playland Carnival

More info soon….



It’s hard to imagine how all these games will fit into one weekend, but it will be done.  And while other events have “moved on” HS will still feature “dead” games, such as SF4 Ultra.

HYPESPOTTING V [ Facebook Page ] – [ Website ]

Want to win one? FIGHT FOR IT AT HYPESPOTTING! Or enter the pub quiz ^^


Why even go?

Take a look at #FGCMAG: Photos, Interviews, Tips, Strategies, Cosplay, Classic eSports Moments & Events – all the things related to the Fighting Game Scene & Community.

Direct Download the PDF here (15.5MB)



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