Today’s post: Votes, Tournament replays, Shirts & Fun Tweets!

Voting Meltdown at Meltdown!

Meltdown in Paris asked gamers which fighting games they would want alongside SFIV and Smash, amongst:

  • Mortal Kombat
  • GGXrd
  • UMVC3
  • DAO5LR
  • Soul Calibur 5
  • Tekken Tag 2
  • Virtua Fighter
  • Project M

and a few more. Needless to say, with over 1000 people voting, the top 4 games were:

  • – The King of Fighters 13
  • – Guilty Gear XRD
  • – Mortal Kombat X
  • – Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

kof votes


And so the first session will be on February 7 at Meltdown Paris.  SEE YOU THERE! While I’m not fond of the lack of communication from Meltdown, at least Gamesline is running the event so it’s guaranteed to run smoothly.


Here’s more from UFF, with the Winners Finals between Morocco’s best, Frionel and Freezer! Here are the USF4 and GGXRD Grand Finals too

NOTICE: free Shipping for 2+ Shirts – offer coming Jan 29!!

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Here’s some of our latest retweets!


Featuring, Giby & Hellpockets, Haregoro, Myu & Tennkawa Brook, RZR.Xian Yasuyuki Oda, Qanba.Douyu.Xiaohai Jen Tan, Bayu, Emperor Cow Qanba.Douyu.Dakou, DBJ.ET, Rayokarna, Tortita, Atma, Affro, FGCFilm & Dune With the scenes of Costa Rica, Ireland, UK, Japan, USA, Taiwan, Indonesia, Italy, Chile & more! Direct Download the PDF here (15.5MB)

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