Attention Attention Attention

Brownsky vs Fathi Ft20 coming this Friday!!!!


Flanders Fundraiser Tournament

Gotta love those hype moments when it’s down to the last combo and someone drops…

Watch Isauro vs Tortita at 3:39 and guess what happens!

Watch live video from DM_Channel_1 on Twitch

Great stuff from all players and congrats to ON.Tortita!

Taki vs Turkey FT10

These players are crazy sick, sick sick! The play style makes me feel like -9000 power level.  Taki is of course the player we know that went to Evo.
The FT10 starts after the UNIEL matches at 01:07. Check out the replays before Twitch deletes them.

Watch live video from kouhatsu on Twitch

If you’re having problems with twitch you can catch a youtube version here

Subscribe to KOHATSU Arcade Channel!

XPERIENCE GAMING joins the line up

With 15 consoles for KOF and 15 for SF!!!

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