New Gaming App from #Youtube, more accessible than #twitch ?

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New Gaming App from #Youtube, more accessible than #twitch ?

   FGC News ,   August 17, 2015  1 Comment

Was invited to a demo of Youtube Gaming Live but couldn’t wake up in time.  Anyway, there are a few things going on at Youtube that may be very interesting to streamers.

The first thing is the app.

I’ve noticed a great deal of interest on streams via youtube.  When asked about which they preferred, our group responded:

  • 56% voted for youtube
  • 32% voted for twitch
  • 12% voted for hitbox

Orochinagi has been streaming on youtube ever since, and have been thanked for the ease and accessibility.

The reasoning is quite clear: especially considering the time difference, many viewers are not at home or in front of a desktop, or simply choose not to be, opting for the couch.  Twitch has had lots of issues in the past when viewed on a portable device.  Youtube has the advantage here, because the stream is simply delivered through a youtube video, which pretty much any device can watch.  The drawbacks were the quality of image and the chat comments were sometimes inaccessible and lacklustre.  The new app addresses these issues and more, with 1080p 60fps delivery and a whole load of other ways to use the space on your screen.

Check out the video below.

What is of concern is that this would seem to require a quite powerful smartphone, a big display and perhaps a whole load of bandwidth!

You could get the beta app here

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