Uh yeah, the same weekend as Evo.  Well, at least it begins two hours after KOF pools in the US.  So, stream monsters are gonna have a looooong day!

Duelling the KOF: ReVamp features KOF13, 2002UM, 98UM and 2002.  Players have qualified from various arcades in Japan.

It seems this will be streamed on Twitch 😮

However, it doesn’t seem as if they keep archives!

Here is the schedule, taken from Koucha:

Saturday (18th July)
12:00? : KOF13
14:00? : KOF02
17:00? : KOF13 finals
22:00? : KOF02UM Exhibition

Sunday (19th)
12:00? : KOF02UM
14:00? : KOF98UM
17:00? : KOF02UM
time permitting ? : KOF13Exhibition

If you’re at Evo this weekend, they’ll probably be a viewing party, so ask around, you might pick up some last minute tips (if you’ve made it through pools!)

Players to watch out for in the KOF13 2v2:

??????????????/M’?Ichimu / M’
?TPDN????/????Hisa / Kabao
??????????/?????Picnic / Rinomoto
??????(??/???) Shoki / Naoki
??????????????? (Playland Carnival)
?Vegas??????(ON|?????/????) ON.Haregoro / Koukou
?????(???/ON|??) Ryu / ON.Tennkawa
?????????????(????/??????????) Taki / Kudento ni maya
???????????(????/??) Azuki Neko / Gaku
???????(???/??) Fear / Pam

For 2002, look out M’ and Hummer!


Watch live video from deshikawa on www.twitch.tv

Sources: KOF Koucha | Duelling the KOF: ReVamp | Play Spot Big One 2nd Saitama (featured image taken from there with thanks)

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Our Tshirts: USA | FR

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