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Cannes #CWC Player Lists #kof #usf4 #ggxrd #shirts #ET #Shoki

Today’s update: We got Taiwan vs China on 98FE, Spreadshirt offers and player lists for CWC! Shoki in 2002UM Ft10 too! And maybe a little gift that concerns all FGC…

What is a CWC?

You know EVO, right? Well in France, their biggest tournaments are in Cannes and Stunfest in Rennes.  Say what in Cannes? You mean the Cannes Festival? Er, no, but it’s right next door, um, more or less.  There was this thing called the World Games Cup, which then was superceded by Cannes International Games Cup, which then vanished into thin air (without paying certain parties).  The more reputable Gameslines has taken over the mantle of Cannes Event Organiser, installing the new CANNES WINTER CLASH – however with a few caveats.  The event is now drastically smaller, with only Ultra, Guilty Gear, Smash and KOF running.  Well, with SMASH, that might well be more than enough to keep everyone busy.

There are currently:

  • 77 players registered for Ultra.
  • 71 for Smash WiiU
  • 33 for Melee
  • 15 for KOF13
  • 13 for GGXRD

WELL WELL WELL See the full list here

Still no confirmation on PS3 or PS4 for GGXRD.

With Sako announced for Ultra, and nobody announced for KOF or GG, it’s gonna be… interesting… uhhh hmmm.  We are told that it’s not over yet, and there may be more news to come on more international guests!

At any rate, hotel sessions will be going on!  Perhaps for the last time!!! SO MAKE IT COUNT.


Free Shipping from Spreadshirt!!


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Dream Fighter this Sunday



Madcatz + KOF13 = EVO2015

MCZ will stream KOF Side Tournament Top 8 at EVO2015

KOF2002 Shoki vs Naruto FT10

Dreamcancel’s podcast on the EVO news


Tournament in Morocco!

 “Yo les fighters ! j’ai l’honneur de vous annoncer le premier évènement organisé par Versus Fighting Morocco et les joueurs de Fès, spécialement notre ami ” Mustapha Aghenda ” qui se déroulera le Samedi 07 Février 2015 à 09:00 à Fès ( Café Clock ).

Les inscriptions se font sur place sur les jeux suivants :

– Guilty Gear XRD (PS3)
– Ultra Street Fighter IV (PS3)
– The King Of Fighters XIII (PS3)

Vous pouvez voir le déroulement de chaque tournoi à l’adresse suivante :

Pour les lots, il y aura du cash prize pour les gagnants selon le nombre d’inscriptions ! Alors venez, participez et gagnez smile emoticon

Tarif : 30 DH par jeu

1ère Place 60 %
2ème Place 30 %
3ème Place 10 %

Les règles du tournoi :

– Début à 10:30
– Place illimité
– Tournoi à Double élimination
– 2 matchs gagnants et la grande finale en 3 matchs gagnants
– Counter-pick autorisé mais après une défaite

Merci de ramener vos propres manettes / fightstick

Remarque : Pour les gens qui veulent passer la nuit à Fès, il y aura un local pour tout le monde ! Plus d’informations à venir

Entrainez-vous bien et que le meilleur gagne !

Contact :

Versus Fighting Morocco “

China vs Taiwan featuring Xiaohai, ET and more!

QQ??98UMFE – 2015????? – ???? V.S ????

QQ??98UMFE – 2015????? – ???? V.S ??UP

Free copy of FGC Yearbook!


  • Offer open till Fri 30th Jan
  • Catch up with photos and mementos of events across the globe!
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  • Taking submissions for next volume! Email them in!!!

JAN 2015





MAR 2015



APRIL 2014


IGT2015 Warning!!!


Will you be part of history??? There are some cheap flights via and skyscanner !!!




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