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13 million downloads? WHAT’S GOING ON??????? WILL IT EVER END??????

SNK PLAYMORE CORPORATION (Corporate HQ: Suita-city, Osaka, Japan, Company, President & CEO: Koichi Toyama) is proud to announce a new download record and the release of a new update to the iPhone & Android application “METAL SLUG DEFENSE”.
“METAL SLUG DEFENSE” is the latest installment in the legendary 2D run-and-gun game series “METAL SLUG” and its first entry as a tower defense / strategy game.

“METAL SLUG DEFENSE” was released on May 1st, and surpassed the 13 million download* threshold on September 19th.

In order to celebrate this incredible event, SNK PLAYMORE has the pleasure to announce the release of a massive update,

available from September 25th on Android and later on iPhone devices, featuring 16 new battle areas.

* Total amount of downloads of the game on iOS and Android (with the exception of China)
*This number doesn’t take in account several downloads done on the same user account.


Version up Overview:

? Addition of 16 new areas
? Addition of new units
? Addition of new Special Missions, etc.
Out now on Android, Very soon on iPhone!

Best of all? It’s FREE!!! Go get it! Android : iTunes

FREE Metal Slug Defense

Dark Chaotix has already completed the new update! Check out mission 31 right here!

Go to his channel to see 32-35!

Best of all? It’s FREE!!! Go get it! Android : iTunes

Bonus: Kusojiji bussing up 2v2!


But wait, is this post relevant? WHY OF COURSE!

KOF2002UM Ft5 Kazuki vs Yamazaki

Title : ?KOF2002UM??????vs????10??????????????????

Source :

Description : ?????10??????



??? ????? vs ??? ????


Fallen Angels from Acho


Carmine Dazzling War Combo Video


KOFXIII Duelling Stage 2

MTK.Jerome vs CDV.Will2pac

More at the SBR channel! Don’t forget we’re streaming this Saturday and our super raffles!

>> More Info


Dreamcancel Podcast 28 featuring ON.Vicio! GO LISTEN!


And finally here are some photos from TGS 2014!

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