Help Kahnibalito Go and Get Bodied!

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Help Kahnibalito Go and Get Bodied!

Are you looking forward to Lonestar Admonition? We’ll have BBCP, UNIEL, and Persona 4 Arena 2! We’ll be streaming and having a great time! Hope to see you join us for all the games! The tournament will kick off starting with KOF at 2 p.m. proceeded by P4A2 at 3 p.m., then BlazBlue at 3:30, and  UNIEL at 4p.m. all CST-Central standart  time!

This KOF XIII event will include UNIEL, BlazBlue CP, and P4AU side tournaments. KOF will have Luis Cha as a special guest . $10 Venue and $10 per game!

Registrations start at noon! And ends 30 mins before your game starts.

A joint effort from GameGuys Pasadena, Baton Rouge KOF and the TX KOF Crew to bring a KoF XIII event that’ll stack up to(surpass even) the major tournaments.

KoF will have a guaranteed bonus of $1000 and an Xbox One as winning prizes.

Special thanks to Kay Galaga for making this very awesome promo poster!

Lodging; The Austin TKC and special guests will be staying at the Days Inn & Suites Pasadena 2601 Spencer Hwy Pasadena, TX 77504

On a side note, KOF will have 15 guaranteed setups, two in house streams, and a 1st place trophy.

>>> Facebook Event Page


Now there’s something we gotta ask the KOF community!

Send Kahnibalito to Texas!

Send Kahnibalito to Texas! <- Click to donate!

KOF Community! Your people needs you! We really want to help bring ST|Kahnibalito to Lonestar Admonition since he genuinely wants to come. We already have a Suite where he will be welcomed to stay, however, after setting forward a $1,000 pot bonus and an Xbox One for tourney prizes, and co-sponsoring Luis Cha to come, we are left with scarce resources to help another special guest with the flight fare.

With Kahnibalito’s ok, I have setup a donation link so that if you guys want to chip in for his flight ticket, you can do so. The total needed to cover the flight costs is $461.62 USD.  Please, donate what you can and many, many thanks, my KoF people!


[ON] Vicio

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