#KOF13 OS #KOF98 IOS Winner #BBCP Cash Online Tournament Top 3 Replay #ROF

BBCP Cash Online Tournament!

Here’s the replay from last night!

So which of these statements is true?

  • BBCP players don’t want to spend money
  • All the hardcore BBCP players who bought BBCP on import are playing UNIEL
  • Competitively, BBCP is dead

Last time we organised a free tournament, we found 30+ people in the EU server.  Last night, there was 10…

We will see with another free online tournament for BBCP and a cash tournament for UNIEL

#KOF98 IOS Winner



Congrats to Javor Georgiev!  Code is on its way to you!

More codes to be won! Just give Orochinagi a like !  A new like will be picked at random! Tell your friends! Give them a chance to get KOF for free!

Meanwhile some 98UM matches have been uploaded, although these look like 98FE… Hmmm



More OS Setups from Gutts, this time for Kyo


Check out this ROF replay by AJ, it was featured last night on the stream. AWESOME!


FREE Metal Slug Defense

It’s FREE on IOS and Android!

Best of all? It’s FREE!!! Go get it! Android : iTunes


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