So yeah, that USB is MINE ya hear? Bubblan, Wolf and Cow (sounds like an anime, right?) will be down to rep, see you there! Gunsmith will also be there commentating in English, apparently… Watch out for your boys on KOF and DOA!!!



Most of the prizes are like this:

  1. Arcade stick – Cash prize
  2. Tritton headset – Cash prize
  3. Shin Sekai/ Saint Seiya Brave Soldier Collector edition – Cash prize
  4. USB key – Tshirt
  5. USB key- Tshirt
  6. USB key – Tshirt
  7. USB key- Tshirt
  8. USB key – Tshirt

full list

Reg Shutdown will be 15th May 2014 in the evening. 

Cost is €25 which gives you event entry + 1 tournament entry!



Oh and I might get bored and run a side tournament, oh and there might be a hotel/side stream too ^^


For those of you upset with the lack of Blazblue, there’s always Double KO’s Summer Event to look forward to.. FEATURING JPKOF!!!!!


The FGC Pro

The FGC Pro
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