First Post from Chile yay \ (^o^) /

Hi There! I’m Tortita from Chile, your new Orochinagi member 8)

Today i’ll show you latest KOFXIII Related stuff from Chile.

First, my friend Gutts uploaded some (new) safejumps for Andy, Mai and Robert

(Check his channel for more of them!)

Second, I uploaded a Safejump OptionSelect Video, having ideas for dealing with Daimon’s wakeup options.

(Check my channel too!)

And Lastly, ZeroBlack started uploading his streaming replays to YouTube!

Here we have ZeroBlack (known ’98 Terry player, and XIII Terry+OmoteKyo player) against Baek (Not known internationally, but has a good Yuri + good gimmick game)

4 Hours of intense Crouching Light Kick into stuff 🙂

That’s all for now. See you!

P.S: I’m very sad about yesterday’s tokrey ft10 :s

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Chilean KOF Pureeya

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