TN announced today that The previously arcade exclusive character Marie Rose will be coming to consoles via DLC by the end of the month. The release date is set for 25/3 for PS3 and 26/3 for 360. She will be bundled with the full treatment: command training, Combo challenge, as well as theater mode. A “Costume Debut Pack” is set to be released for her on the same day as well. This will be sold Either separately or as a set with Marie herself at a slightly less price.

TN has also revealed the first images of their new Arcade exclusive “Kasumi Alpha Phase 4” . Apart from the way she looks and a few more images, not much is known yet about this new entree to the series. In a recent interview with DOA5 Director Shimbori: he hinted that Phase 4 may not be the last entrant to the series, and to expect more surprises along the way this year. This of course is great news for DOA fans. Could there mean that there is yet a chance for the long awaited DOA2 boss Tengu to make his return? only time will tell.

Source: Famitsu

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