Persona Round up! #P4U #P4A #P5 #P4UUSH #Persona5

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Persona Round up! #P4U #P4A #P5 #P4UUSH #Persona5

Call me crazy but I’m going to take a gamble, and this has nothing to do with my connections in the industry or my interest in poker games.


Sho Minazuki

Who is this guy? I mean, P4A is all about characters from the Persona series. We’d all be happy to see Baofu or Maya join the fray because they are all canon characters. Sho? What? Who? Either Persona 4 Arena is going out and creating new characters for its own franchise, or this is a new character from a NEW PERSONA GAME. Disagree? Wanna bet?  I may well be going all in with my reputation here, as normally I have to sign an NDA and say nothing about what I know.  So far, I haven’t had any info, so I’m free to post pure speculation without making you think I’m trying to divert you from asking about something that I do.  Still, I’ve got a good feeling, it’s like hiding pocket rockets at free texas hold em games. Lol. What do you mean you don’t know how to play texas hold em? You can experience  the excitement of playing online poker just as well as beating up the Shadows.  Unlocking freeroll passwords is just like releasing more Persona cards!


To add fuel to the fire, Atlus put up a new site, notably with the Persona Team Logo, the devs who made the RPG not the fighter… do we need more proof?  What is this online poker strategy?  Why keep is waiting?  Keep an eye and reveals will be made on, if not before 24th November!  Let’s see who’s bluffing!  What will appear in those squares?  I’m betting on Sho and 2 new characters, perhaps one demon!  Maybe the return of an old character?  Who knows….

p5 announcement

You should also keep an eye on Atlus, after their acquisition by Sega, things seem to be running as normal although it does seem like Sega are excited to be have the Atlus IP under their belts and are looking to maximise this opportunity (Pachinko anyone?).

To be honest, I’m wayyyy more hyped for a Persona RPG than a Persona fighter! Even though it’s likely to be the same old grind for levelling up and social links, it’s just something I like to do in my spare time (or at least, on the bus).  AND then maybe I’ll have a reason to buy a PSVita.


More on Persona 4 Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold


It seems updates are rather slow on the mainstream, with Destructoid only reporting the trailer and other sites reporting Yukari “works a job involving motorcycles due to the way she dresses”… The actuality is that after P3, Yukari got a job as the Pink Ranger on the children’s TV show.  Junpei became a professional baseball player.  A red fog has desceneded around Inaba, which is the focus of the investigation.  The town has become like the alternate reality inside the TV!  There is mention of Mitsuru and other being found crucified (I’m assuming this means tied rather than nailed)…  Let’s hope the storytelling has been revamped as P4A’s story mode contained monologues so lifeless I wanted to cry.


There is a new feature where you can hold down a button and it charges a bar –  release it to perform various special attacks!  I’m not sure how this will work for those with a mashing mentality and it could turn the game into a more zoning battle, depending if the attacks release projectiles or not.

Shadow Versions

As with other games, dark or EX versions of the characters exist.  Whereas Labrys was the only one in P4A, now it seems everyone has a Shadow version!  This could mean deadlier attacks with increased damage taken in exchange… According to SRK, Shadow versions will not have awakening mode or burst abilities but in exchange they have Shadow fury, where you can use special moves without cost for a limited time!


And that’s not all!

There’s still two slots free for more characters, but it’s likely these will be DLC.  Note that P4A never received a patch…

It’s a scary future when it comes to game balance but let’s hope for the best.  Place your bets!

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